International Apparel and Textile Fair (IATF) is UAE’s premier platform for sourcing Apparels, Fashion Fabrics, Prints, Machineries, Clothing Accessories, Home Textiles, Footwear and Handbags. IATF in its 11th edition will be showcasing pre-collection, A/W 2020 with highlights of S/S. With over 150 exhibitors, the fair aims to expand with each event becoming a major influence in UAE’s fashion scene. The fair attracts a wide range of textile mills, accessories/trim suppliers, print designers and major footwear manufacturers, Exhibitors are mainly from Turkey, Hong Kong, China, India, Poland, Italy and more. In an exclusive chat with Textile Value Chain, Bhavna Nihalani, Managing Director, speaks on the exhibition. Edited Excerpts

What are the latest trends in Fashion and Fabrics and what are the key trends which are to be there in the expo?

IATF is passionate about staying ahead of market changes in order to offer the best guidance to buyers today and for the long term. The autumn-winter 2020-21 season sees materials growing thicker to acquire both a protective volume and lightness with body. They puff up and adopt round and generous volumes, guided by a desire to beautify, and do good. Sustainable development continues its advance, with a focus on attractive, extremely fashionable products. They are made from bio-sourced, recycled and recyclable materials, or with eco-friendly elasticities, notably for stretch knits, denims and suitings. This season, the colour range unfolds between confidently expressed naturals and a delicate sensuality, where raw and sophisticated hues brilliantly combine. Step right into the autumn winter 2020-21 atmosphere, then explore the range’s full scope of features to create a seamless transition from creative to industry processes.

What is the number and profile of participants (specific to textile) you are expecting in the expo?

More than 125 exhibitors are participating in the 11th edition of International Apparel and Textile Fair. Our Exhibitor Profile includes Fabrics, Garments, Textile Accessories, Machineries, Home, Footwear, Handbags and more.

What type of exhibitors are present in the event and what are the advantages of visiting the exhibition?

Exhibitors worldwide will unite at one platform to showcase their collections to buyers from within the MENA region. There are several advantages of visiting IATF. Some of them include UAE’s Exclusive Sourcing Fair is the only kind of Fashion B2B Trade show in the Middle East, Showcasing latest seasons trends and quality products, an opportunity to meet exhibitors from all around the world and connect directly with Mills and Manufacturers.

What are the unique things which are available during the exhibition in fabrics?

This season promises all kinds of exciting and innovative fabric trends. One textile trend, however, stands out from the rest — not because of its futuristic feel, but, in fact, the very opposite. The affinity for natural fibres, rustic materials and ‘craft fashion’ being showcased shall celebrate Mother Nature in all her unspoiled glory. The consumer desire to slow down and appreciate nature’s virgin qualities as they truly are has not only shaped fabric trends that are growing stronger as we head towards 2020, but it has also placed the issue of sustainability firmly in the spotlight. The promotion of sustainable materials is key to this, but retailers are also realizing that if they fail to satisfy consumer demands for garments produced through ethical working practices, they risk losing their following. Authenticity is very much the order of the day, and it’s this theme that unites five of next year’s natural-look fabric trends including Wrinkled and Undulating, Natural Imperfections, Space Dye and Neps, Rustic Re imagined and Denim Rediscovered.

What are the plans you have for promoting the event and exhibitors?

Highly targeted advertisements are placed in mainstream newspapers leading up to
and during the Our email campaign includes an initial block your date/registration drive, regular show updates, registration reminders, live show updates and highlights/ features to our extensive database which is managed and updated regularly.event, to reach out to a wide audience across the Middle East, India, Africa and more.

by Swaminathan Balasubramanian