In the world of textile manufacturing, where quality and reliability are paramount, Shivkrupa Cotspin has emerged as a noteworthy player. This family-owned business, deeply rooted in the cotton ginning and pressing industry for over 25 years, has recently made significant strides in cotton yarn manufacturing. Their journey is marked by a commitment to excellence and a forward-looking approach.

The company aims to diversify its product offerings further into the weaving and garment sectors. They boast world-class equipment from Uster Technologies including a high-volume instrument testing machine for raw cotton and state-of-the-art machinery for quality checks on cotton yarns.

In an industry characterized by both organized and unorganized players, they value buyers who operate in a streamlined and organized manner. From deal negotiations to execution and post-sales processes like transportation, they seek buyers who prioritize a structured approach. Digitalization is another key criterion, as it’s considered essential for staying competitive in today’s business landscape.

Amid these challenges, Shivkrupa Cotspin found a reliable partner in The Yarn Bazaar.

In a conversation, Aditya Agarwal shared their successful collaboration journey with The Yarn Bazaar. Initially focused on the Malegaon market, Shivkrupa Cotspin aimed to expand into Ichalkaranji, and TYB played a crucial role in this expansion. TYB introduced Shivkrupa Cotspin’s combed weaving counts to the Ichalkaranji market, a significant milestone. However, some potential buyers hesitated due to unfamiliarity with the yarn quality. TYB stepped in, helping in the yarn sales with 100% advance payment and building trust in the product’s quality. They also assisted in logistics management, a critical but often overlooked aspect.

“What truly sets TYB apart is their unwavering commitment to their partners. Unlike many traders who tend to disengage after negotiations, TYB remained actively engaged throughout the entire process, from start to finish. They provided continuous updates on each development, extending their support beyond the deal-making stage, and ensuring seamless progression until the payment and delivery were completed” quoted Mr. Aditya Agarwal.

For Shivkrupa Cotspin, this partnership with TYB transcended a typical business transaction; it became a source of trust, reliability, and peace of mind throughout their journey.


Q1. Tell us about your journey with Shivkrupa Cotspin.

We have had a family business we are in cotton ginning and pressing for the last 25 years so just immediately after completing my education in Pune I came back and joined my family business of jining and pressing. looking good and extensive experience in cotton ginning and spinning we are now into cotton yarn. So in 2017, we incorporated our company, and in 2019 we started with the commercial operations. Since July 2019 we have been manufacturing cotton yarn, the unit is 14892, and we have already completed four years of operations. in these 4 years, we could see all the phases in our business. like in the COVID period, post covid. being a beginner in the industry was somewhat challenging. We enjoyed it and now we are planning for the expansion of the 21888 spindle. so that expansion is already going on the machinery process so we are expecting our production by December this year for the new unit.

Q2. Other than the expansion what are the things you’re looking forward to for the next year?

Initially, we had our vision from farm to fiber. We were in cotton ginning and pressing Rather we are very close to farmers. After having the vision of a farm to fibre we look forward to fibre-to-Fashion. it’s too early like we are in spinning only but after this expansion, we are planning for some more of the forward integrations going in the weaving and garmenting sector.

Q3. What are the criteria you have while choosing a yarn buyer for your business?

If we see there are many unorganized players in the industry but our business is under very unorganized things so if we get some buyer or some purchaser who is working in a very channelized method or completely organized way it will help a lot. it starts from the deals to the execution phase. it may be the transportation, contract, or some issues which come after sales. thankfully we have not faced any customer complaints to date but if my yarn purchaser likes having all the things streamlined or proper methodology is fixed. and if everything is getting worked in a properly organized manner. It helps a lot. One most important things is Digitalisation. There should be complete digitalization. It’s the need of the hour. Most businesses are adopting it but still, some things are not under data analyzation thing and those should come in. 

Q4. What are the biggest pain points and challenges you face while finding these suppliers?

we always believe in quality over quantity even if I talk about our gaining business. though we can manufacture more than 50000 bales per annum we manufacture only 9000 to 10000 bales, not more than that. it’s not because cotton is not available but it is the case that quality cotton is available in little quantity. we take quality very seriously and it is the reason we keep very stringent quality checks and we follow proper SOP for all the quality parameters. 

Moreover, the issue we face is skilled manpower. Many times even if we have instructed people to do things in a particular manner they might miss some things. They might miss some points. Then the pain part comes in, because even if you’ve kept everything properly and you’ve instructed everything properly if they are not meeting your needs then it disturbs the thing.

The important to do things in a particular manner something there might be some points everything properly everything

Q5. How did The Yarn Bazaar me those criteria? And at that time, what were the problems you were facing, and did The Yarn Bazaar help you solve those problems?

I would like to make a big comment. My yarn was first introduced in the Ichalkaranji market by The Yarn Bazaar. I was already having a good market share. I was aggressively working in the Malegaon market. initially, when I started with the carded counts I was only focusing on the Malegoan market. Though I was looking for some good suppliers who could help to cater in Ichalkaranji at that time The Yarn Bazaar came in and Mr Vishal Darak who was in the initial phase of the company. so he helped me a lot and with TYB we started our journey in Ichalkaranji market for 30s combed weaving. So my combed weaving count in the domestic market was first introduced by TYB. In the Ichalkaranji market, some buyers were not ready to buy on the advance payment terms because they were not aware of the supreme quality of yarns that we were manufacturing. so TYB helped me there also. They purchased each slot from the advance payment terms. also supported me in arranging the vehicles. Many times buyers just book the orders and at the time of lifting, they just put it on suppliers to arrange and manage the logistics. If the mill is unable to arrange for the logistics it delays the lifting and as a result the payment also gets delayed. But in this case, TYB helped a lot. They also arranged the vehicle on time. Many traders in the industry put effort only till the bargaining, but till the execution of the order TYB supports us as a Miller I feel relieved from that part.


For quality things, as we all are aware, we see, that the world’s best lab is from Uster Technologies, Switzerland if we are targeting quality consumers to sell quality products at a premium rate we have we have installed the labs from Uster only. so right now I am having the HVI1000 from Uster for checking of raw material or cotton bales. And even for cotton yarn, I have having latest UT6 machine from Uster. so definitely it; ‘s helping us a lot in a lot of processes. Moreover, if we see this HVI1000 for raw cotton, rather than for raw materials like bales and UT6 for cotton yarn, one thing missing in my mill was the machine that checks the material during the process. we have machines each for raw materials and finished goods. but there was nothing that could check the quality flaws in the process. So we have also ordered the Uster AFIS which will be delivered next month. It will also strengthen our quality supply part.