Textile Value Chin talked with Mr. Hemant Dantkale, Astra Tech India to understand the journey of starting a new company in India’s vast Textile Machinery landscape.

Can you tell us about your experience working with DEECO Mechatron for over three decades?

I consider myself fortunate to get the opportunity to serve in DEECO group for 34 years. Working under the highly qualified, talented, and very courteous management team of DEECO. It was a great experience.

What were some of the most memorable moments or accomplishments during your tenure at DEECO Mechatron?

There are many memorable moments and accomplishments. Just a few I wish to narrate– Mr. Manek Daver, elder brother of our Chairman, sent me a letter of appreciation from his Japan office when a 1st new high-speed Combing Machine I sold to a spun silk unit in 1998. When I sold the first set of Tubular Knit processing machines, our Chairman Dr. Minoo Daver came to my cabin and handed over a cash reward which was a pleasant surprise. Ethics in business was their prime principle. One of our principals wanted to bill the customer for a courtesy visit extended by their technician. On realizing the rigid view of the Principal, management decided to terminate the agency despite good business opportunities for their product.

How has the textile machinery industry changed over the course of your career?

Machinery manufacturing has transformed a lot with the inclusion of automation, invertors, touch screen Human-machine interface, high speed, fault identification and diagnosis, and most important minimized human intervention.  This all has made machines of high production capacity and improved quality

Can you describe the process of starting ASTRA TECH INDIA?

ASTRA TECH INDIA is derived from carving a huge list representation of DN Associates for smooth and ease of operations. So, our firm, DN Associates now exclusively works for machines and accessories for long-fibre spinning. In fact, DN Associates was formed with kind support and guidance from the management of DEECO Mechatron, for the continuity of services to most of their representations, as DEECO wanted to opt out of this business.

What are the core strengths and expertise that ASTRA TECH INDIA brings to the market?

One– Only top makers of textile machinery and accessories and only from Europe. Two– Our team of highly experienced and dedicated technocrats is our core strength.

How do you see ASTRA TECH INDIA fitting into the larger textile machinery industry landscape?

Though ASTRA TECH INDIA is a small and new entity, the reputation of our world-known Principals and our efforts to extend excellent services has made space for itself.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome them?

Born and brought up in the remotest village and started my career as a Service Engineer in City of Dreams—Mumbai, had challenges in every aspect.  Tried my best to work with sincerity and honesty made me overcome those challenges.

How has your previous experience at DEECO Mechatron prepared you for your role as CEO of ASTRA TECH INDIA?

My erstwhile employer –DEECO Directors, their family members, and the management team were kind to offer opportunities, caring, and respecting human beings. Their trust, confidence, and responsibilities reposed in me have helped me immensely to work as CEO of ASTRA TECH INDIA.

How do you approach managing and leading a team at ASTRA TECH INDIA?

What I received as an employee, wish to extend the same to all team members of ASTRA TECH INDIA.

What advice do you have for individuals starting their careers in the textile machinery industry?

I wish to advise youngsters to extend first and foremost loyalty towards all associated people and fullest dedication to the assigned  work.