Interiew with Mr. Ram Bhatnagar, Vice President & Head- Sales and Distribution, Raymond Limited.

Ram Bhatnagar

Masks and sanitisers are not, at this point the only weapons to battle the imperceptible virus that has taken on the world. Innovation is at the front line of the battle. It has, truth be told, become a lifestyle, with schools and work going on the web platforms. Furthermore, even personal protective gear is coming tech-powered. Take, for example, masks. Tech-enabled masks have entered the market which guarantee better security against the virus.

Raymond Ltd., which is India’s leading textile and apparel producer and retailer, has got an empowering reaction for its most recent anti-viral range of textiles/fabrics called ViraSafe. In an interview with Mr. Ram Bhatnagar, Vice President & Head- Sales and Distribution, Raymond Limited, we ask all the lingering questions about the ground-breaking range of virus-protecting textiles introduced by Raymonds- ViraSafe!

Give us a brief of the anti-viral finished fabric recently launched by Raymonds

We have tied up with a leading manufacturer of  inorganic antiviral agent in the world to develop fabrics with anti-viral agents using Nano Silver ion embedded in Zeolite. This is a patented technology having obtained certifications from the FDA & EPA in the US, EUBPR and other international agencies. The Key features of ViraSafe are:

All-day protection from viruses and Germs, assured safety, sustainable technology, anti-Odour.

What was the inspiration behind launching this range, apart from the protection it offers to the wearer?

Post-pandemic, the customer has become extra conscious of their safety and hygiene in all aspects of their lives. Thus, they would be looking to use products which will help them do that. Consumers now are willing to try out something new and different which will give them peace of mind and comfort. Our Anti-viral range does not only offer protection from bacteria and virus but also eliminates odour; thus having a deodorizing effect. We as a brand have always been innovative and driven  by Technology. We thus continue to pioneer and work towards providing the best for our customers.

How much is the risk of infection reduced for the wearer?       

The virus gets killed within two hours, once in contact with the fabric. We are claiming the anti-viral fabric effectiveness up to 30 Washes or 30 Home laundering. So the effectiveness will depend on no. of washes and not on no. of days or months. Here is a glimpse on the viruses against which ViraSafe offers protection:

Avian Influenza (HSN1)-100 %  Inactivation in 10 min
SARS Corona Virus ( COV– P8-P11)


-100 % Inactivation in 2 hrs


INFLUENZA Virus  H1N1-100 % Inactivation in 2 hrs

It is also effective in deactivating twelve  bacteria type microbes, three Enzyme type microbes and five Mold type microbes.

How does this anti-viral technology work? Is this an embedded finish in the fabric or a layering done on the fabric?

It is a chemical finish on the fabric which  has anti-viral properties and offers supreme protection to the wearer.

What are the precautions one should take, and usage instructions like washing, cleaning, etc?

There are no special precautions to be taken. This is simply an anti-viral finish on the fabric of his/her choice. So one must simply follow the care required as per the fabric chosen. This finish however does not require any special care and the effectiveness of the finish on the fabric will last up to 30 washes.

What is the cost of this fabric and the variants in terms of colours and designs available?

The anti-viral range of fabrics is available in the range of  Rs. 487 – Rs. 2427/mtrs, in more than 112 qualities and 615+ SKUs across PV(Polyester-Viscose), PW(Polyester-Wool), Jacketing and Suits category.

As the market is opening up, the concern for protection remains the same, and to safeguard  health of its customers, Raymond’s ViroSafe offers protection against microbes, with fabrics finished with the anti-viral finish, an assured safety when one steps out!