Tiara is a Jewellery brand that Redefines Elegance and Grandeur.  Their products include a wide range of Artificial Bridal Jewelry, Hair Accessories and much more. Know more about their journey through this interview with the Owner of the brand Mr. Parth Gandhi.

 Q1. What/How did you get inspired to start your brand Tiara?

It was always my interest to work in the fashion industry so I turned my interest into a passion and started my own brand Tiara and set the trend of designing customizable antique pieces like Bridal, Heritage, Kundan, Temple, Minakari and many more which is perfect for every occasion.

Q2. What challenges did you face during the initial stages of launching the brand? And how did you overcome it?

Initially, when we came into this industry we were not a brand so it was difficult for us to establish ourselves but the help of good customer relations and their feedback on our work and products gave us more confidence to grow from our challenges. We upgraded our sales services according to the need of our customers.

Q3. What is your marketing strategy?

We don’t believe in creating a false strategy and then claim to be no one. Our designs are very much customised and this has been our strategy since 2012 other than this we do marketing for our brand through advertisements and promotions on social media. We have also been a part of various festival exhibitions and Wedding Asia is one of them which is the most premium wedding exhibition held every year in New Delhi, India.

Q4. How and when did your brand make progress? (The story behind how it got successful)

When we started our brand store in Rajouri Garden, it’s just a small name but after passing 2 years we started gaining brand recognition in the market and after that, we gave a thought of expanding our stores in the E-commerce and finally we launched our another store in DLF Mall Noida then in Lajpat Nagar and last but not the least in Vegas Mall, Dwarka. We are also planning to expand it more in the coming few years.

Q5. What is the USP of your brand?

The USP of our brand is that our designs are truly customised and one cannot find these designs in any other store. We have an exclusive collection of Heritage Jewellery and Temple jewelry which is most popular for bridals. Apart from these, we started designing our embroidery and silver pieces which are perfect for all occasions.

Q6. What all opportunities & achievement your brand received till date?

In terms of awards, I will say that we haven’t received any awards but yes we have got featured on the FAB Look magazine Cover page for which we have done a shoot with actress Bipasha Basu wearing Tiara Jewellery. Apart from this, we have also worked with Daisy Shah. Other than these we have got featured in mainline publications like The New Indian Express Indulge, Wedding Vows, The Sunday Standard, The Statesman and many more.

Q7. Did you face any hardships during the period of lockdown?

Yes, like the other brands we also faced problems during the lockdown. We suffered a lot in our sales because the lockdown period was also the season of weddings when there is a major sale of the season. Even after the lockdown, the people were not ready to invest in the jewellery so it took time to bring business back on the same track as earlier.

Q8. Which is the best customer review/feedback you’ve received?

This is hard to think and say but all I can say is that bridal jewellery is the most precious thing that the brides wear on their special day so we make sure that their special day becomes memorable.

Q9. How do you stay updated on the latest trends?

We don’t stay updated on the latest trends but we change the trend in the fashion industry. We carry all kinds of latest trend jewellery and as we make our customised jewellery which is exclusive designs in the market.

Q10. Where do you see Tiara in the next five years?

In the next five years, I have many big plans for Tiara and thinking of starting our franchises of the brand in the coming years. We are planning to open our stores in North India and then in Mumbai very soon.