Interview with Mr. Malcolm Campbell, European Advisor, Moda Biella.

Published: March 7, 2020
  • What inspired you to introduce Moda Biella to India? What were the purpose/ mission behind it?

So, the inspiration behind introducing Moda Biella was to provide luxury fabrics that are manufactured utilizing exotic natural fibres, to discerning customers. An outstanding collection of beautiful cloth, for the man who wants to look good and to feel good throughout the year – in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter clothes. The brand offers the finest cloths, the best on the market that will look good, drape well and wear much longer than less expensive alternatives.

The heritage of the art and the craft of textile design was also inspirational in the creation of Moda Biella. Today, many developing countries are producing inferior quality, disposable fashion. Moda Biella collections are nature friendly and sustainable, using natural fibres such as merino wool, cashmere, silk, linen and cotton. Our mission statement is ‘Always be Faithful to Quality’, and our purpose is to create beautiful cloths that can be tailored in to wonderful suits for the Indian man. Suits that will make him look good, be smart, and feel proud – the ‘Peacock Effect’ of men’s fashion.

  • What all challenges you faced during?

The key challenge was to establish credibility within the market place. To ensure that the brand was not seen as a ‘me too’ brand like others on the market. Moda Biella had to be honest, to be original, to be creative, exciting and unique. The Moda Biella team worked hard to create original cloths in creative textile designs and fashionable colours. We created fabrics at affordable prices that were commercially acceptable to the Indian market place. Our challenges are not over, we will continue each season to create newness, technical innovation and excitement in the market. Textile Design, Colour Predictions and Cloth Finishes are our forte, our passion, we will lead the market place every season with our motto “ALWAYS BE FAITHFUL TO QUALITY”.

  • Total investment planning for this brand development and manufacturing

In addition to our investment in people, in skill, in craft, in the art of weaving, we have invested in technical innovations. We have created finishes that are unique and exclusive to Moda Biella. Anti-microbial, Moisture Management, Aroma Finish, SuperBlack to name a few! No one else has such a collection of innovative cloths with outstanding technical features. Our investment will continue, and our reputation will flourish and grow.

  • What all opportunities & achievements your brand received till date?

The Moda Biella brand was launched in September 2019. Today it runs head to head with some of the top brands that are nearly 200 years old. In fact, Moda Biella is beginning to edge ahead of these established brands, with our policy of education and customer collaboration. We visit our customers, we work closely with them, we create product that their customers want. We are proactive in the market place, because we care, and we wish to be the best. The opportunities for Moda Biella are to become the Weaver of Choice in the market, having created the best cloths at fantastic value. Our vision is that customers will go in to shops with one request….”Can we see the Moda Biella collection please?”

  • What is your design inspiration model?

Design inspiration is about seasonal newness, about excitement and freshness, about originality. Our textile designs are intricate, our colours are fresh new and exciting, our technical innovation is intricate with some outstanding features like Anti-microbial, Moisture Management, Aroma Finish and SuperBlack.

We are inspired by Originality, Creativity, and Beauty. Each season we will introduce products that the market has never seen before, that the customers have never heard of, Designs that are interesting, wearable and very commercial.

  • What are the branding or market strategies you use internationally & how are they different from domestic ones?

Our key unique selling feature is ‘Education’. We educate our retail and store customers about the history of our craft, of our industry, we talk to them about the traditions, the heritage of luxury, about weaving and finishing, about fibres from around the World, about the science of textiles, about nature and natural fibres. Moda Biella is like a history, geography, science and nature lesson, all rolled in to one. We are also creative. No one else will have an Eclipse SuperBlack collection, Anti-microbial collection, Aroma finishes collection, a SuperBlack collection. Customers will enjoy and benefit from Moda Biella’s branding and marketing strategies, and they will learn too.

We have published two books to educate retailers, sales personnel, and consumers – Weaving Stories telling of the creation of cloth, and Tailoring Tales, telling of the history of bespoke tailoring.

No one else has even considered such a professional and interactive approach to cloth and tailoring.

  • What are the current issues being faced by the fashion industry? What is your take on this?

The key issues are low price textiles from developing countries such a Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam and low quality, disposable fashions. These may be relevant to a certain younger customer, but not for the more fashion aware, stylish, discerning Moda Biella customer. Quality, style and wearability will outlive cheap, poor quality clothing.

Another issue is consumer spending. When the budget is tight, it is better to buy a quality product that will last and perform, rather than something that will fall apart after a few months. Moda Biella cloths are robust, technically sound, and reliable. They are affordable, and worth the extra investment.

  • What is your take on the future scenario of your segment in the domestic as well as global market?

Moda Biella is going to be very successful; and by 2021 the brand will dominate the Indian Market Place and it will be making very strong inroads on the Global textile stage. Because everything that needs to be done will have been done immaculately.

From the best raw materials, to the best yarns, to weaving the best cloths and creating the most impressive finishes and technical applications, to the most outstanding marketing initiatives, unique and exclusive brands that are original, to a dedicated sales force that care for their customer. Everything possible is being done to improve our offer, to be better than our competitor, and to establish Moda Biella as the best in the World.

  • How are established fashion brands within the industry trying to become more sustainable? 

In order to sustain in any industry it is very important to adapt and innovate with the changing times and trends. While talking of the fashion industry, we see fashion trends changing with every passing month, and the only way to keep up with this is by innovating and adapting as per the trends, and customer preferences.

We will continue to work with Natural Fibres, like merino wool, cashmere, silk, linen and cotton, we will continue to adopt ethical processes of production.

We will encourage our customers to maintain their clothes for longer by adding to their wardrobe and creating mix and match outfits, rather than changing clothes regularly.

We will create anti-microbial finishes so there is less need for the dry cleaning process.

Everything we do will be nature friendly and eco sustainable. Moda Biella cares for Planet Earth and will do what we can do to conserve and improve it.

  • How Trend Forecasting report is important for Indian Market? Do Indians really follow trends?

Trend forecasting report is important to understand any market. And, Indians have shown an inclination towards adopting the latest fashion trends while keeping up with the designs, colors, etc. Forecasting these future trends is a unique skill based on experience, artistic appreciation, and technical textile skills. Textile designers travel the world looking at colours, styles, preferences for different age groups in different seasons. Young fashion, old fashion, summer fashion, winter fashion, clothes, knitwear, interiors, and cars.

Moda Biella creates trends for three market sectors, 20 to 35 year old men, 35 to 55 year old men and 55 Year old men plus. Each sector has different cloth design ideas, different colour preferences and different clothes styling, from single breasted to double breasted jackets, flat front slim fit trousers, to pleated trousers with turn ups. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons also create a requirement for different cloths and colours. Moda Biella knows this, and creates ‘Trans-Seasonal’ cloths that can be worn all year round.

Moda Biella are now working on Autumn 2020 collection, with designs coming together for Spring 2021, and the colours and designs being created as prototypes for Autumn season 2021/ 2022.

Moda Biella are on the ball, and ahead of the game. The Moda Biella team are inspirational and creative predictors of fashion!

  • Where do you see your brand in the next 5-10 years?

By 2025 Moda Biella will be the top Cloth Brand in India, by 2030 it will be one of the top Cloth Brands in the World.

Moda Biella will be known as the most creative, the most beautiful, the most technically innovative, the most competitive and the most reliable supplier of fabric in the World.

Moda Biella– The Heritage of Luxury Fabrics

 The best in the World – Ever!

  • If new investor wants to enter this segment, what will be your views on it.

LOOK OUT – You will need to work as hard, be as creative, and inspirational as Moda Biella!

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