Textile Value Chain had a conversation with Paresh Bhai, Director of Maruti Group of Companies

Can you tell us a little bit about the Maruti Group of Companies and its products?

Certainly. The Maruti Group of Companies offers a wide range of value-added products, from fibers to fabrics. We have our own ginning, spinning, knitting, and processing units, with a production capacity of 300 tons per month for solid and 350 tons per month for printed products. We have in-house yarns and comb-compact yarns, and we are now planning to expand into the garment industry.

Who are your key buyers and in which countries do you primarily operate?

Our key buyers are brands such as Van Hussein and Jockey, and we primarily operate in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Europe.

Can you tell us about your focus on quality control and sustainability?

Absolutely. We have a vision to provide top-quality products to our customers, and we achieve this through our full vertical integration within our product portfolio. We have a zero liquid discharge plant, which enables us to produce top-quality fabrics, and we use copper-based dying, which is a rare method in India. We also use salt-less dying, which gives us a higher quality than other dying methods

What is your plan for expansion?

We are planning to expand into the garment industry by launching our own in-house brand called Chestoo for knitted garments. With this expansion, we aim to become a complete farm-to-fashion company.

“Maruti Texprocess will complete fibre to fashion chain with the launch of garment brand Chestoo in the upcoming months. Earlier we were fibre to fabric but with garmenting we will be a complete fashion supply chain”