Mr. Jagan Mohan Balaji, VP, LRT:

“In ITMA we are showcasing one of our group companies, LEED (Laxmi Energy and Environment Designs) which is focused on environmental solutions. We offer everything related to water and wastewater and solid waste management. In wastewater, we have an end-to-end solution with our ETP, STP, ZLD, and RO plants. For Solid waste management, we do biogas plants and we also have an organic waste converter, which converts food waste to compost. And if you want to generate electricity we can also do that, provided the capacity of food waste is more. 

In LRT we have new tools, we have a new traveler insertion tool for spindle monitoring machines, which we have shown first time in ITMA. Apart from that we also have cleaning guns, EC 3 and FR 3 models. In ring Travelers, we have constantly evolution so we have improvements in our ruby finish, our sapphire plus, and the express plus which will have more improvements in the coming months.”