Mr. Hemang Shanghavi, Director, Laxmi Looms:

“Laxmi Looms has a long history of being in business since 1988. We started with the selling of weaving accessories, then we started developing dobby, power looms, and rapier looms. Today we have come to ITMA with our high-speed rapier looms LHR 450, the reason behind the development of the machine is due to the requirement of the weavers. They want to upgrade their weaving power looms with this kind of technology which is easy and can be used for flexible production, different kinds of fabrics, and quality fabrics. This is the reason we took part in ITMA.

We must say that it has provided us with a very good platform, not only it is an opportunity for sales, but this machine it is given us the opportunity to look into the foray of textile technical products.”