One of the core businesses of Jindal Worldwide, which has a denim capacity 140 million metres per  annum. “We are expanding this to 160 million metres by the end of 2022. It is a vertical segment for us from cotton to denim, with denim forming 70% of our business,” says Mr. Nishant Giri, Senior General Manager, Jindal Worldwide Ltd, Ahmedabad.

Export constitutes 30% in denim products of Jindal. Says Mr. Giri: “Post-Covid the demand for denim has gone up, making industries expand their capacities. In denim China is giving tough competition to India. A new plant has been started 32 km from Ahmedabad, where our existing unit is located. We are adding weaving and finishing capacity in the new unit.”

Mr. Giri adds: “Like in all textile industries, the cotton price rise has hurt us too. The raw material cost is very important in denim production since it constitutes 60% of the cost. Cotton, wool and power costs have gone up. We are having tough time but since the demand is good, we are able to sustain in the market.”

Talking about the company, Mr. Giri says:” We promise good commitment and finest quality to customers. It was not just overcapacity that denim suffered some years ago. The industry was moving to bottom weight category. Denim is an all-season fabric. We are moving towards sustainability by switching to less cotton, more harmless dyeing, processes, etc.”