Interview with Mr. Jindas Jain, Managing Director of JP Modatex

Inspiration to start Business
JP Modatex LLP is promoted by Mr. Jindas Pukhraj Jain & Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma. JP Modatex commenced production of ring Spun yarns in October, 2016 at its ring spinning unit located in Silvassa with the latest plant & machineries.

The Family of JP Modatex is in yarn business since 1948 known as Pukhraj Virchand – a yarn trading company. In 2009 Pukhraj Virchand group ventured into ring yarn spinning by the name Samosaran Yarns Pvt Ltd.

JP Modatex LLP specializes in cellulosic based yarns and super specializes in Linen Blends. JP Modatex is producing Linen Blends with Modal, Lyocell, Bamboo and Viscose in NE countf from 8s to 60s.
Along with Linen, JP Modatex is also promoting Bamboo as they both are anti-bacterial, anti-microble and good for human skin.

JP Modatex focus is for apparel and home textiles for domestic as well as international brands. We are already established as a trusted and dependable yarn supplier for our consumers.

Production facilities:
o Present:
Our present capacity is 18000 spindles with multiple production lines which can cater to our consumer requirements from sample lots to commercial lots.
The unit is set up with state of the art and the latest Plant and machineries.
With the present capacity we are producing 300T of ring spun yarns per month.

o Expansion:
We are adding 15000 spindles within next 6 months which will enhance our production capacity to 500T per month.

JP Modatex is very close to consumption centers, giving advantage of fastest deliveries.
From raw material to finish goods, average movement of goods is less than 200kms.

Product developments:
We are consistently working on innovating and introducing new varieties of yarn every month for which we have a dedicated production line and a dedicated team headed by Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma.

We have already started exporting our yarns to China and Turkey. We are exploring many other markets for our specialty Linen blended yarns.

Our vision is to manufacture and supply specialty and innovative yarns in shortest possible time.