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How To Use Paper Roll In 4 Best Ways 

Published: April 25, 2024
Author: Jessica

If you are engaged in any creative project, you need the best resources to help you create amazing art and designs. One of the materials you need is the paper rolls. Besides creativity and artistry, it can also be an essential resource for careers like early childhood education and teaching.   

The only limitation of using paper is your creativity. Otherwise, you can explore different options since you have a large, blank surface ideal for projects and other needs. Besides that, it is also the most flexible material for art; hence, you can use it for various needs and goals. 

Paper rolls are affordable and flexible, ideal for various uses and needs. Although drawing is the most common use for drawing rolls, many overlook the other purposes discussed in this article.  

  1. Making 3-D Craft

When making a 3-D craft, you need a flexible paper that you can easily curve and stack on each other without putting too much pressure on the layers below. Such capabilities make paper rolls one of the most flexible papers for different 3-D art. 

3-D crafting is a unique way to add dimension to your unique drawings. You can draw in different layers and stack them on each other.  

First, cut the paper into the desired shapes and designs. Curl each piece to create a pop-up drawing, stacking the pieces curled at different edges. Paper roll crafting is one of the best ways to make the perfect shapes for teaching little kids about shapes.  

You can easily cut and curve the roll into shapes like triangles and rectangles so that kids can learn about concepts like faces, sides, length, height, and width. In addition to educational needs, you can curve and cut the rolls to create unique art for other purposes.  

To make your piece appealing, you can color or paint the sides to distinguish the faces and layers. Paper roll can be the best material if you want to make smaller sculpture art. You need a larger roll to create extra lengths and to fold the sides.  

  1. Creating Design Concepts

Creating mock designs is one of the best ways to transform your craft ideas into concepts. Designing involves creating different sketches and cuts to determine how the final pieces should look. This process can be expensive due to the materials needed, such as clay, wax, and other resources. 

However, you can choose a cheaper solution: using paper rolls to create different designs. All you have to do is cut the pieces and glue them together. You can create as many models as possible without worrying about costs.  

This process is suitable for creating 3-D art or objects like cars and other objects with distinct shapes. Besides the mock shapes, you can use the surfaces to draw what you need to achieve. Then, begin cutting and transforming into the final product.  

Due to their flexibility, paper rolls can easily be carved and rolled into the desired shape, including ovals, circles, and other round objects. The only disadvantage of working with a paper roll is its vulnerability to heat and water. Otherwise, it is perfect for various mock designs in dry environments. 

  1. Using The Rolls to Create Murals

Paper rolls are perfect for mural creation due to flat and even surfaces. You can use the paper rolls for two different purposes: 

First, you can use the smooth surface to sketch your design for the mural. Meanwhile, you can unroll the remaining pieces on a flat surface or floor. Next, begin cutting the roll into sections to create the mural pieces.  

If you are making a continuous mural, there is no need to cut the roll into pieces. After you complete the design, you can transfer it to the paper where you intend to have the final mural. Use different tools, such as pencils and projectors, to trace all the pieces accurately and ensure none is missing. 

Next, use wall tape to tape the top end of the paper roll to the wall. Gently unroll the paper while smoothing out all the wrinkles and tiny curves. Smoothening and rolling ensure a smoother surface while you tape the papers to the wall. For a perfect outcome, tape the papers at different intervals to ensure you create clear lines and curves. 

After that, you can bring your mural to life using drawing materials. To ensure perfect finish and edges, draw the moral using a smooth drawing material and go by each section until you complete the final design.  

To have a perfect finish, you can use rolls of different colors to highlight key attributes of the image. The mural can add touch and appeal to your house by acting as the center of attention. 

  1. Large print sketches

Sketching is the key to creating a design or a desired object, like a building or a car. First, you use a pencil and other tools to create a physical image of the final object’s appearance.  

The challenge with sketching is the limited space you have to work with. Normal paper limits the assize you can work with; hence, you need something larger and smoother to capture your object.  

You can use drawing rolls instead of spending more on special sketching paper. They are larger and have smoother surfaces. You can lay them on a table to draw your sketches accurately. You can also erase certain aspects if you do anything wrong.  

Finally, the rolls are versatile, and you can sketch using pencils or certain types of ink or marker pens to create your sketches.  


Drawing rolls are perfect for an artist, architect, or designer interested in creating something unique. You can draw, sketch, cut and curve the surfaces to create a unique art or design. Unlike other art resources, the rolls are also an ideal resource for these rolls due to the costs. It helps you save on costs instead of using expensive materials for artwork.  





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