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Datacolor Offers End-To-End Solutions In Colour Management

Published: December 13, 2022

Sanjay Paranjape
Director Sales & Support for Indian – Subcontinent Region Datacolor

Sanjay Paranjape has been working with Datacolor since 25 years. Currently positioned as Director Sales & Support for Indian-Subcontinent region. With all these years of experience he has been providing color management solutions to every industry where color is an important part of product . He has been involved in various ways to promote the awareness on digital color matching and color communication. As he is involved with industry closely, he has been using the knowledge and experience for development of new products in Datacolor and bring required solutions to industry. TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN Media has taken special interview 

Share the Journey of Datacolor Group since its inception

Since 1970, Datacolor’s colour management tools and software have helped colour experts the world over get colour right. Datacolor has over 50 years of innovation. In the 1970s, Datacolor brought the first automatic, computer-assisted spectrophotometer to the market, in the 80s, we pioneered textile colour measurement and colour formulation systems, in the 90s, Datacolor revolutionised colour communication with real-colour screen display, introduced unique Smartmatch technology into the textile software and developed software to improve overall dyehouse efficiency. 

In the 2000s, we developed the SP2000 optical technology to capture the true spectral fingerprint of any colour, and 2010s we unified our matching technology across all industries and in recent years, we have developed ultra-portable, low-cost measurement device, that allowing customers that previously cannot afford colour matching solutions to offer new services to their customers. Datacolor also developed spectral imaging solution for previously “unmeasurable” material, allowing more textile customers to benefit for digital colour management. We are now developing and launching web and cloud- based software solutions to continue support our customers’ evolving needs  

Which problems are solved by Datacolor through products and services

Colour can be subjective, depending on the material of the object, light sources and even the person who is evaluating colour. Often our customers incur lot of time and money due to inconsistency in their colour development and production process. 

We help customers get color right. Datacolor team of dedicated color experts support customers with innovative technologies to get the colour of their products and images right by providing an effective way to measure, digitally communicate and formulate colour. 

In the textile industry, Datacolor offers complete end-to-end solution for our customers to create objective colour data by measuring physical samples with a spectrophotometer, and then evaluate and share this colour information through their supply chain and make objective pass/fail decisions. Our formulation, lab dyeing and dispensing solution generate superior dye recipes and accurate corrections to improve dye house efficiency. Our Certify assessment service ensures that supply chains are qualified and capable of meeting expectations for colour quality. Helping brands, vendors and suppliers dramatically reduce the time and cost of product development. 

Robot and Automation: How you are implementing it? 

Automation will continue to increase in all industries. Datacolor has implemented robots in our own factory and colour labs to automate the repetitive tasks and optimize our own production workflow.  

At a high level we provide the digital colour data but not the infrastructure for BlockChain or AI. A system integrator or a VAR can leverage the data to implement a blockchain solution or leverage the data to enable machine learning. 

Research and Development / Innovation Strategy of Datacolor  

Datacolor’s mission is to be a global, customer-focused, growth-oriented, profitable and sustainable company that provides a wide range of innovative, easy to use, high quality products and services assuring colour and appearance are accurately measured and managed. We aim to be a technology and innovation leader, by actively pursuing the latest technologies in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics, while at the same time developing connected instruments using the latest sensor and data sharing technologies.

New product and services for INDIA ITME 2022. 

SpectraVision – a hyper spectral spectrophotometer that can provide objective colour data for previously “unmeasurable” material, such as prints, lace, trims, and accessories. 

Certify assessment service – both onsite and digital certification service that ensure supply chains are qualified and capable of meeting expectations for colour quality. Helping brands, vendors and suppliers dramatically reduce the time and cost of product development.

Digitalisation in industry, in all functions, operations; how it is effective?  

Digitalization has optimised the way we communicate, work as well as our personal lives. 

Couple of examples of Datacolor digitalization projects are: 

  • Datacolor recently digitalised our own HRIS system, allowing centralised, standardised recruiting, onboarding, performance management, workforce management, compensation management across our entire global offices. 
  • Our marketing organisation has shifted to more digital marketing activities, expanding the reach of our campaigns. Digital marketing also allows for greater insights on effectiveness and lower cost per lead. 
  • It is important to remember the people behind the data. Our sales and applications team continue to connect with and visit our customers to understand their challenges and their evolving needs, so we can deliver the right solution to support their efforts in getting colour right. 

Expansion plan, & tie-ups 

We continue to support our customers and where their business/supply chain take them. As brands look for alternative suppliers due to raw material shortage, geopolitical challenges, Datacolor and our partners around the world are positioned to support their needs.

  Sustainability, quality control efforts 

Over the past year, we have taken major steps to strengthen our commitment to ESG (environment, social, governance), by formalizing a Sustainability Steering Committee, conducting our first materiality assessment, and developing a three-year roadmap. For over 50 years, Datacolor’s mission has been to help our customers “get colour right” by applying digital software and hardware technologies to better their businesses and our planet. This mission drives us to closely collaborate with customers, developing innovative products that solve colour challenges, reduce waste and significantly increase workflow efficiency. Driven by our company’s core values and the engagement and passion of our employees we will continue our journey of continuous improvement and innovation to make the world a more sustainable place.  It is clear now more than ever; businesses must play an active role in supporting ESG initiatives. Therefore, we are adopting the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards for the Hardware Industry and the Software & IT Services Industry. We identified nine material topics organized into three workstreams: Responsible Operations, Sustainable Products, and Rewarding Workplace, and are committed to reporting on the progress of these streams.

Latest Technology in Color Science and how the industry is accepting and equipped with it. 

By broadening its software offering, Datacolor actively pursues the latest technologies in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics, while at the same time developing connected instruments using the latest sensor and data sharing technologies.

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