ECOSAC, the utility bags manufacturers claim 500% number growth post plastic ban across various states. The alternative to plastic bags comes up with various models, sized used for shopping, travel and day-to-day utilities. Some of the key merits of the products said to be eco-friendly, economical, fashionable and trendy, highly durable, sturdy, washable (consuming very less water), reusable and can last a minimum for three years.

Anil Chowta, Founder and CEO, ECOSAC, in an exclusive chat with Textile Value Chain shares his growth stories and way ahead. Edited excerpts.

How has the marked opened for alternative bags for plastic especially after the plastic ban from various state government bodies?
There has been a tremendous increase in enquiries, conversions and sales subsequent to the announcement of plastic-ban. Initially we had a tough time meeting the delivery demands of the customers, now things have stabilized.  India is a large country and today almost 18 states have banned the use of single time use Plastic bags.

Explain the way your bags are made ?
Ecosac bags are made from Tafetta fabric which is an extremely durable and strong material.  Once we receive the material it is cut according to the sizes of our bags, thereafter it is printed and finally stitched into bags.  Of every batch 10% of all bags stitched in random are put through a tensile testing machine and after the bags pass through this test all bags are moved to the ironing department, where individual bags are ironed and folded into a size of a handkerchief.

Explain the Eco-friendliness and long lasting nature of your products
Unlike cotton or Jute bags, these bags can be reused over a long period of time.  We have had customers using our bags more than five years. Moreover ECOSAC bags are extremely convenient as it is folded into a size of a handkerchief that fits into any  pocket or handbag making it convenient for everyone. ECOSAC bags are extremely strong and durable. Our bags are tested for tensile and only the batch that passes through this test is introduced into the market. ECOSAC bags are washable and water repellent.  It is perhaps the only kind of shopping bag that ticks all the boxes.  It is durable, strong, reusable, washable, water repellent and above all convenient. For corporate companies, it also serves as a walking billboard which has an extremely low eye ball cost.

How many units you manufacture in a month and what is the percentage of raise after plastic ban?
We have seen more than 500% growth in our numbers both in terms of quantity and value.

What are the key USP of your products and how are you planning to market it in India?
Reusable, convenient, strong and durable, washable, water repellant,fashionable are the key USP.  Indian market is very vast. For the first year our endeavour has been to target the West and South of India through developing a robust distribution network to cater to the generaltrade. Thereafter spread to North and East of India.  Modern retailers, e-com, corporates, institutional and customized bags are being serviced directly by the company.

What are the plans for ECOSAC in the next financial year?
We plan to increase foot on street. Participate more in trade exhibitions Invest in marketing and social marketing with a higher spend.

By:Swaminathan Balasubramanian