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Exclusive Conversation with Mr. Saurabh Gupta , Director and Qualified  Chemical Engineer

Inspiration to Start

We started our operation in 2005 under proprietorship concern.

Basically, Textile industry is one of the large scale industries and this industry is connected to our day to day life. It is connected to our environment, ultimately to everyone’s life. Increasing environmental hazards and growing environmental challenges inspired us to do research and development in Textile chemicals. AEON wants to serve it’s best to help and reduce environmental hazardous caused by textile growing sectors. It has found that there is need to motivate and make understand textile sectors the importance of sustainability. AEON fulfills this by educating various companies about the same and intends to do more and more with growing time.

As I already said being in such large scale industry there are so many innovations to do, so many challenges to face and AEON as a team enjoys this to do.

In other words, we understand sustainability was our prime responsibility which leads to AEON creation.

Challenges / hardship

Every industry has their own hardships and challenges. Likewise being in to chemical industry we do face challenges.  There are various chemicals used in Textile industry such as Bleaching agents, Fixing agents, Softeners, Dyes, finishes, Detergents etc. All these products are different in chemical composition and have their own role to play. Developing sustainable products without disturbing their role is a challenging process.

Also sustainable raw materials are comparatively costlier than any material which is readily available in market. So conveying market for sustainable products considering its cost impact and effectiveness is also a challenge.

Opportunities Received

We have got good opportunities to work with renowned companies across the country where we have achieved 100 % results.

AEON not only sale  products but also  do plan correct chemical inventories for the client, plan with perfect sustainable recipe which give comparatively good results than the existing one.  We regularly  conduct safety trainings for the  workers and assistants who deal with hazardous chemicals. Efforts are taken to make them understand how to handle dangerous chemicals. We do conduct sessions on sustainability, explaining importance on same. AEON has got lot of work appreciation for its different range product compliances and  services that provided  to our client.

We have also received appreciation for the efforts that we take to develop sustainable products.

Innovation Mindset

Textile industry is growing industry day by day. High rate of water consumption, high energy consumption, less production efficiency are the core challenges faced by this industry.

Innovations are done to develop sustainable products to overcome above challenges and serve better environmental conditions.

Also, Fashion trends never remains same it keeps on changing. There are new Sop’s developed in industries with regards to its process, fashion etc.

We need to create our own innovations to gear up with these upcoming changes in the industry.

Technical Textile again is one of the vast sectors in textile which is taking boom in the industry due to its wide applications in all areas. So considering such vast areas in industry there are R&D which are done continuously with respect to product endues applications. Strategies are always developed to create new product rage without disturbing its key role in application.

We believe innovation to be one of our  key for success and keep us live.

Overall 10% is kept for innovation.

Using upgraded Technology is core in our DNA

Technological up gradation is one very important factor in industry. It helps us to be effective and efficient both.

We incorporate upcoming textile standards, precision in lab equipments, automating standard back end processes with technologies including machinery which minimize the need of human interventions.

Industry Challenge

The main environmental issues in Textile industry is the discharge of harmful chemicals into the environment. High consumption of Water, increased energy consumption, solid waste, Air pollution, odour formations are also other issues which cannot be neglected.

It includes a series of processes which are being carried out in industry with thousands of different harmful chemicals, tons of water and considerable amount of energy used to treat the fibers till it reaches the final textile product.

In my view, Solution to above faced problem in textile industry can be solved only with the scope of sustainability. In order to create a sustainable textile, the main change factors have been linked to eco-materials which results in to reusing/recycling, minimum usage of energy, water and chemicals can be achieved. Reduction of waste, reduce resource consumption, Reuse, Product modifications where possible (Bio recipes), Equipment modifications (optimizing tank volumes etc) this helps to reduce the harsh impact of textile processes on environment.


AEON works on 03 pillars of sustainability i.e. Environment, Economic, and Social.

We   work hand in hand with sustainability. It has always been our top priority. We are GOT’S certified, also registered our products on ZDHC portal.

We formulate eco chemicals as per our customer requirements. We make our own bio recipe’s, do comparative study   of raw material with the existing chemicals used in any organization against AEON chemicals where AEON chemicals have always been result oriented, it turned out with less amount of water consumption, energy consumption, comparatively less harmful chemicals . This turns the whole process to be ecological along with economical. YES, we have also worked on economical aspects so that more and more number of organizations can come forward and join with us towards path of sustainability. Reduction in emission of carbon dioxide is also one of the important aspects. As said sustainability is in our DNA, We had, are and will always work with sustainable products.

AEON also takes efforts to guide textile industries with safety of chemicals. Various sessions are taken forward to make workers understand their safety along with chemicals. We as a   chemical manufacturing   company   had provided protective personal equipments to all workers and make them understand its importance. We understand this to be our responsibility.  So sustainability which includes environment care, people care and economical care is practiced. This has become need to save our planet and all industrialists shall consider this to be their prime responsibility.  AEON join hands and welcomes industrialists to be a part of sustainable products with us.

Future of Chemical Industry  

The Indian chemical industry is among the most diversified industrial sector. It is among the established traditional sectors that play integral role in country’s economic development. It is one of the oldest industries in India and has made immense contribution to industrial development. This industry comprises of both small scale and large units producing thousand of wide range of products for various sectors.

The chemical industry serves the need of Textile sectors not only this but it serves for sectors like leather, plastics, paper, food stuffs etc. so the future scenario  for this industry will be very demanding.

Denim Market Growth and Future

There is increasing demand of Denim in textile industry because of its comfort fabric, style variants, low pricing, inclusive sizes. Denim never went out of fashion. Denim are also driving innovations on washes, colors, fits and even vintage design and styles. These innovations are driving demand in the population which makes this sector to be one of the highest revenue generators.

Sustainable denim can be manufactured by reducing use of water consumption, energy consumption, chemicals which will reduce environmental impact. High demand of Denim can be fulfilled by sustainable way of denim production which includes avoiding use of harmful pesticides during cotton cultivation, water management,  avoid use of  harmful dyes, safe working environment in denim mills, generating awareness among the workers with regards to safety of chemicals.

AEON contributes to produce sustainable jeans with its innovative products such as  Sevgi, Voelen, Pekin, Amezo, Doux, Brumo etc.

This helps decrease in water consumption, reduces contamination of water, and decreases health hazardous, reduction in dyeing time. In coming future, there will be much high demand of Denim’s and we invite you to pledge with us for sustainable Denim’s.

Textile Machinery Industry Views

As we all know machinery is heart of any production process. The Industrial revolution was the transition period to new manufacturing process in all industrial sectors. During this transition, hand production methods changed to machines and chemical manufacturing and iron production process were introduced. Technology developed day by day and now we are standing in this 21st century with innovations that can be like blessing to the industry with regards to sustainable process.

Future Vision

We are complete chemical solution provider for textile industry. We see our company to be leader in Textile chemicals. As you all know Sustainability has now become the need and this need is going to be increased as time moves on so we are looking forward to expand our operations and open new locations as AEON understands this need of growing sustainable business and wants to serve best to the customer requirement. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority so in coming future also this is going to be our common goal.

AEON aims to reach all textile chemical production houses with sustainable products and give them green solution in ongoing process which will help to save our environment and future both.

Digital Marketing Importance

Action plan that organizations use to differentiate their products with the competitor products is called branding.

There are various branding strategies in India and internationally worldwide, this depends on type of target customer, type of products, Process type, organization values, current market etc.

Branding is important as customer knows your product in details.It is fine thread between the organization and the customer.

In today’s digital world, digital marketing is also equivalently important.

It is canopy for marketing. It is all about marketing products and services through digital technologies, overall the internet, digital marketing involves all marketing weapon that requires an electronic device or the internet.

It helps to reach maximum customers, helps save time and money as well; you can track responses of your client easily, opens better growth options, easy customer problem solving, cost effective. So, digital marketing plays vital role in today’s time.