Brand Name:EDGE
Company Name :RSWM
Segment :  Yarn

Functionality and consumer demands

“Dawn of the fabric revolution is upon us and the world is advancing into the age of aware consumerism demandingtextiles that can do much more than just cover the body.

Consumers today are realising the importance of asking questions before buying and this leads to an increased sense of ingredient awareness. The modern consumer wishes to be aware of what went inside a product for they know that it all starts with the yarn.

Functionality, sustainability and traceability are the driving factors of their purchases and they thus inquire before buying as to what is the product made out of?What the product does? How it achieves the aforesaid?Does it have any quality reassurance? Does it dry quickly?Is this product all polyester and going to pollute theenvironment? Does it keep odor at bay? ….

Reacting to this demand from consumers and raising further awareness about the role of ingredients in imparting functionalities and attaining sustainability,most industries today have started their own ranges in functional active wears and sustainable product lines.

Evidently, many industries today are employing the functionalities like moisture wicking, UV protection and others in products, emphasizing on sustainable yarns and processes to deliver on consumer requirements,while encouraging the active lifestyle from added advantages.

Eight technically advanced spinning facilities and a dedicated research and development team, equips RSWM’s EDGE yarn range to satisfy these consumer needs. Launched in 2016, RSWM EDGE confers technical resources, versatility to manufacture a plethora of products and develop new fabrications from innovative fibers sources like bamboo, modacrylic, seaweed, Cupro®etc.

Working along Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS),the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and the Fairtrade Foundation, RSWM EDGE ensures that the quality of products is nevercompromised while sustainability standards are set and met.

RSWM EDGE’S collection, of yarn blends have been categorized to pique consumer curiosity and bring a distinctive range of functional, sustainable and premium yarns to the table.

Innovation coupled with quality assurance, these are yarns that raise the ante up a notch from their ambitious inception and consumer appeal.

Collaborating with textile industry leaders from manufacturing to finishing we ensure quality deliverance and development at each stage of a frictionless supply chain. Therefore here is an offering conceived, collated and categorised for the benefit of our customers to realize the potential inherent in the novel, transformational blends.