In an exclusive interview with TTF Top Management:  Mr. Sean Tsai is Overseas Marketing Development head. The TTF is an important institution for promoting Taiwan’s textile industry.  In the future, it will exert the core competencies, marketing and design, to build up the synergy of vertical integration among the sectors by employing the advantages of Taiwan’s chemical fibers into excellent functional fabrics and the linkage with Taiwan’s apparel production overseas. The aim is to increase the irreplaceability of Taiwan’s textile products in the marketplace.


TVC: from last 5 years you are exhibiting the TECHNOTEX Exhibition, what is your feedback and what’s the Indian response to Taiwanese Product?

Mr. Sean Tsai: We started participating the exhibition from 2013; when Indian government offered us to visit and we find its very potential market. During these 5 years we are going through out the market of textile & found tremendous growth in several sector & found fashion sector buyers most promising.

TVC: According to you in which sector of technical textile is growing?

Mr. Sean Tsai: Protected (safety) textile is in high demand, also in sports, outdoor fabrics, shoe material, luggage & bag materials and non woven products (for hygiene, wipe, medical and etc.)

TVC: What will be your Market share for each segment of technical textiles?

Mr. Sean Tsai: I don’t have much idea about technical textile market share. Taiwanese chemical fabrics have different application but packing and shoe material is majorly targeted and our market share is 40%.

TVC: India has options for import from Asian countries like China, Korea, Taiwan & Japan.  Why do Indian prefer Taiwanese product than others?

Mr. Sean Tsai: There are a major difference among these countries in terms of products and market segmentations. China makes basic fabrics and apparels while Japanese makes advance textile materials. In fact, instead of competing, China and Japan are Taiwan’s very important trade partners. Taiwan is seeking for the same with India.

Taiwan textiles are highly focusing on creating values and innovations. As a result of substantial investment in research and development, Taiwan has demonstrated its advancement in functional textile by bringing to the global market innovative products year after year. Taiwan is the prime fabric supplier for international leading brands for outdoor and sports sector. Furthermore, the advanced materials are also being used in many other industrial applications.

TVC: How is the textile industry in Taiwan?

Mr. Sean Tsai: Industry in Taiwan Divided into 2 parts

  • Domestic manufacturers who are focusing on high technical fabrics and advanced materials, especially for sports and outdoor brands and industrial use. Their strengths are its R&D and being able to keep up with world latest standards.
  • International manufacturers who keep its design team / a coordinate office in Taiwan and manufacture at overseas. These companies are focusing on mass market traditional textiles. Their strengths are its design power and fast response to the market trend.

TVC: What was the ratio of manufacturer of conventional and functional textile in Taiwan?

Mr. Sean Tsai: I don’t have actual data; but approximately 70% is functional textile while 30% is conventional textile. Functional textile is not technical textile; it includes sports, outdoor apparel, fashion active wear. In Taiwan Technical textile means non apparel use of textiles.