Luwa India recently celebrated the Silver Jubilee of its India presence. The company, over the years, has grown multifold, becoming one of the preferred choices for the textile industry owners in the country, thanks to the efficient leadership and new products. Started in the year 1993, Luwa stands for well-engineered, innovative systems, plants, and solutions for textile and other industries in India and across the globe.

Some of the key solutions include Textile Air Engineering, Industrial Air Engineering, Eco-Engineering, Control Engineering–on the highest level, compliant to Swiss standards. In an exclusive interview with Textile Value Chain, PK Singh, President – Luwa India, shares the insights about company’s recent performance, key trends, roadmap, new challenges in the textile business and post-sale supports. Edited excerpts.

How did the financial year 2018-19 treat you overall? What were the key highlights?

The year 2018-19 went quite well for us, especially because of the good business coming from Spinning Mills. Luwa India also celebrated it’s Silver Jubilee year, having completed 25 years serving Indian Textile industry. We are providing complete solution to mills starting from designing a system to supplying and installing the equipment. We get engaged at very initial phase of the project and coordinate very closely with customers for designing the air conditioning plants which will be at an optimum level in power consumption and capital cost. Luwa high performance plants are designed in such a way that it needs very less maintenance and consumes minimal power.  We have executed numerous prestigious project, primarily in Synthetic Fibre business of Bhilosa Industries Ltd and Grasim Ltd and in Natural Fibre of Vardhman Group, Nitin Group, Sintex Group and Nandan Denim.

What are the key trends that you noticed among the textile business owners across the value chain in the last financial year?

The new trend being observed is that now textile business owners are consolidating their business and are looking to integrate in both directions. Nitin Group is going with forward integration by putting weaving mill whereas BVM group is going with backward integration by investing hugely in yarn spinning mills. Also, I believe that going forward there will be further consolidation by big corporate groups in their textile business.

What is the roadmap for your organization in the forthcoming financial year?

Textile industry especially in India are going through difficult times. We are cautious in our forecast for the forthcoming financial year and are looking at subdued investments coming. We want to focus mainly on our existing customer and undertake projects to augment their plant performance by auditing  their plants and help them to save energy and decrease the downtime if any because of our plants.

What are the new challenges textile business owners are concerned in terms of Luwa machineries and are you bringing any solutions that addresses that?

Luwa is proud to be pioneer in bringing new products to the textile industry in the field of Humidification and Ventilation System. We have introduced a lot of product in past few years and our R&D team in Zurich constantly keep on working closely with textile machinery manufacturers, client’s and environmental engineers to either bring some different new energy efficient products or to optimise the existing products suitable for the changed machinery configuration. For example our Design team had recognised that in the next few years the space required for H plant will going to be a major concern for the textile business owners. So our core R& D team started conceptualising on the product and soon came out with a completely new designed product called MCV which is a compact filter , can handle more air volume at much lower pressure drop, thus saving space and power both.

Explain the new machineries you are planning for India market?

Luwa has launched it’s new series B 600 Axial flow fans which are highly efficient and consumes lower power than our B 400 series fan. Also we are soon going to commercialize MCV filters for market. We are also going to launch soon Loomlite® to be fixed along with LuwaLoomsphere system over the looms for saving power in Loom shed.

Please explain your USP in terms of the post-sale supports. Any update on that part?

Luwa believes to offer complete value for money to its customers. Luwa USP in terms of the post-sale supports is availability of it’s service engineer at the shortest notice. Also, Luwa provide online supports for Digicontrol system from back office and make available the spares at a much faster pace at an affordable price. Luwa is also working on IOT platform to offer complete CRM solutions to the customers.