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Published: March 1, 2023

Creator monetization platform Knorish, today announced the launch of the world’s first AI-powered FunnelsGPT, which is specially designed for content creators, helping them in creating better and quicker content and copy for social media, landing pages or online ads. Knorish is building the world’s most convenient platform for creator monetisation through a sales funnel for online courses, webinars and memberships. In Oct ’22, the startup raised a Pre-Series A extension round from Silverneedle Ventures and other marquee investors. Knorish is building the world’s most convenient platform for creator monetisation through a sales funnel for online courses, webinars and memberships.

Studies show that back in 2020, the global online learning industry was worth $197 Billion, which is estimated to grow to $840 Billion by 2030. Powered by predictive generative text-based AI technologies, FunnelsGPT provides course creators with high-conversion landing page content, captivating social media posts, and compelling ad copies to strengthen their online presence and improve conversion rates. With the power of AI, Funnels GPT can scour through millions of content pieces and give outstanding responses in seconds. With all-natural language processing tools and other GPTs, the tool is not meant for original academic research. It supports course creators to write better content for marketing and promoting their coaching businesses online.

One of the active users of Funnels GPT, Sanjeev Kapoor, an Indian Celebrity Chef said, “FunnelsGPT is a brilliant opportunity to create highly engaging and effective content for any online business. The AI-powered tool has also enabled the team at Sanjeev Kapoor Academy to craft compelling and persuasive copy and content that has helped us convert more prospects into active learners.”

“FunnelsGPT is a game-changer for content creators. It will help our users to create more compelling and effective content without spending hours brainstorming and writing,” said Kinner N Sacchdev, CEO and Founder of Knorish. “With FunnelsGPT, our users can focus on what they do best – sharing their expertise with the world – while our AI tool will help them grow their coaching business faster with more precise and effective copy & content.”

On the development, an Investor of Knorish, Mr Ajay Jain, Founder & Managing Partner, Silverneedle Ventures said, “The amazing thing about Knorish founders is they want to stay ahead of the curve. FunnelsGPT is another step towards that. We are entering an era where AI is becoming creative & the marriage of the content guys with deeper technology would ensure overall quality improvement. This can really help Knorish’s overall business growth & set trends in the market”

Knorish caters to 38,000 academies built by creators from 11 countries, impacting a million users in 45 countries. The goal is to actively acquire more customers from the growing global markets. The startup is founded by Kinner N Sacchdev (Co-Founder & CEO) and Rakhi Wadhwa (Co-Founder), serial entrepreneurs, who have previously led a leading consulting firm with Fortune 50 clients from the US, the UK, and the Middle East. Currently, the startup has a team of  32 people in technology, sales, customer success, content designing, and marketing. The startup is tapping a market of 80 Million creators and knowledge professionals in India who can eventually convert their skills into a creator business. FunnelsGPT is available and live on Knorish.

“At Knorish, we see FunnelsGPT as the most intelligent collaborator that helps you overcome a big hindrance in writing great content – Creativity. The tool gives you specific high-quality responses based on the prompts you use. So, in essence, it acts as an excellent writing coach helping you craft better content by adding flavour on top of your existing ideas.”, said Rakhi Wadhwa, Co-Founder &  CBO, Knorish

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