Compact Cotton Key Focus ForRSWM

RSWM is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter ofsynthetic and blended spun yarns from India. With more than 20 production units, all strategically located in India, the US$1-billion group of companies employs over 25 Thousand people. Rajeev Jain- Business head, Yarn Business RSWM, who is in his second stint in RSWM, in the capacity of head of Marketing functions had been travelling across Europe, Egypt and Turkey and China. Having formal education in the textile business and gathering vast experience through industry meets, fairs and exhibition, Rajeev speaks exclusively with Textile Value Chain on some of the key plans of the organizations in the coming years. Edited excerpts.

Expanding capacity and plans ahead

Our plan as of now what we have worked out our doing in with installation with 1 lakh spindles and another similar project on compact cotton yarn. Compact cotton yarn is much in demand in export market. So, I think we are probably going for that and we had already worked upon the project.

Another project we are seriously working on is 100% linen wet spinning. So we might come out with 10 Thousandspinners project with linen as well with spinning and weaving. These are the immediate plans.

We are not targeting regularcotton as a sector. However, we are targeting only compact cotton yarn and that too adopting the technology which will give us the highest productivity and the best quality with lowest hairiness index. So, whatever studies we have done till date the latest range of machines and another concept which we want to live with, is saving upon the cost and making project the best viable in terms of payback also and investment part also. And, we have been very successful in that. With this, we shall be saving not less than 25% of the cost with best quality.

I can even recall a meeting with India’s leading manufacturers of Textile machinery. We had an interesting discussion on innovation through machines. We are working on that different concept. It is notgood  to go with hi-fi machines and investing so much of money into something which will payback in 11 to 12 years. No one in market with this situation can survive. That is why we are working on an innovative idea and thanks to the technical expertise and human resource, we are confident of tasting success in that.

With RSWM, I can say this is the only spinning group where we have been so seriously working on innovation. Having wonderful infrastructure of NPD product, new product development and we had invested on infrastructure for this new product at Banswaralocation. We have the facility for even home furnishing fabric also. In fabric making end-to-end processing, we have in house apart from meeting in different sampling processes. You name a fibre, we are in it in some form or the other.

We had crossed beyond 25% in the value-added-product segment. But our total production around 25% is going with value added product (new product). We are trying to further improve another 10%.

Research methodology for Innovation

We had got our own trained team, technically competentt and qualified people and further more we develop their knowledge skill by making them visit and attend all kind of exhibitionsacross the globe. They are finding out new tips through the discussions they are having with people all over the world and they implement in the products. We had designers in India forsuiting, nets and home textile. Right from the early stages of the business, I have been meeting them regularly at least once in a quarter. We had also done a decent job in home textile also.  We have the widest range of products. We did not have the compact yarn which also we might add on immediately along with linen. That makes us having a complete basket.

Views on sustainability

So whatever names I have told you,will be tagged along with the final product regardless of the fibre they use.We are also in talks with one of the leading retail chain in India who had agreed to provide mini studio space dedicated for us  to keep our wide range of new products available to their designers any time. We are also in active conversations with some of the export companies and had been travelling around the globe in various exhibitions and seminars to understand such concepts. Thus we are confident on sustainability.