Interview with Mr. Dharmendra Shah, Managing Director of Ozone PB Spintex Ltd., Ahmedabad

  • Brand name:      Ozone
  • Segment :  Manufacturing of Cotton Yarn from 20s to 40s Ne
  • Brand Tagline: Precision Unlimited
  1. Inspiration to start the company

We started our company in 2012. It is a dream comes true. After completing degree in Textile Engineering, I started my carrier as Shift Supervisor. Since then it was a dream and goal to have a most modern textile unit covering entire value chain from Farm to Fashion.

  1. Challenges / Hardships you faced during the journey…

I will say, journey was full of excitement and learning process of lots of new things.

  1. Achievement till date

Establishment of Ozone brand as premium yarn supplier. Also have certifications like Oekotex, Organic, BCI, etc. We are nominated suppliers of global brands also.

  1. What motivated you to focus on quality value added products?

Spinning is not a mere manufacturing process for us. In fact, it is a passion and I put all my knowledge to develop high quality value added products to meet buyer’s expectations. Our yarn has reached to almost all parts of the world. We believe that, Customer is King and it is our duty is to fulfil their requirement.

  1. Does your clientele have preference towards any particular kind of technology? Buyer has little concern with technology. He looks for optimum product suitable to his need. But we have gone for the best technology so that we can cater to all our buyer need with cost effectivity. Whenever, we do investment in technology, we select best and latest available in the market, as no survival without innovation in product / business.

6. Impact of GST on your business

I think it will be positive for overall industry, with initial hiccups.

  1. What are the current issues being faced by your segment? Suggestions pls.

Major issue faced by textile industry in India is raw material prices and availability of manpower. If the Raw material prices remain competitive (Government can do this by not allowing speculations), then our industry can survive very well. Also we need to do a lot on skilled man power supply.

  1. What is your take on the future scenario of your segment in the domestic as well as global market?

Mankind will not survive without fabrics and fabric is not possible without yarn. So our future is bright. With huge investment in sector in comparison to competitors, we will have edge on quality and productivity.

  1. Vision for reaching for next level i.e. Future plan for next 5 and 10 years?

Completion of value chain right from Fibre to fashion should be a vision for any textile company.

  1. USP of Brand :

Zero customer dissatisfaction

  1. Branding Strategies in Indian and International Market?

Presence in all media, participation in expos, global certifications

  1. What new Technology/Innovation expect from world?

Introduction of robots as ring frame operators & Installation of Solar energy sources, Application of AI (Artificial Intelligence)