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Champion’s Collection, Dream collection of Raymond Chairman

Published: May 29, 2016

Interview with Mr. Ram Bhatnagar, Vice President  & Head – Sales & Distribution, Raymond Limited

During the launch event of Champion’s Collection of Raymond, we candidly asked few questions

TVC: What’s Vision & Purpose behind the new champions collection launch ?

RB: The sole reason to launch Champions collection is our Chairman & Managing Director – Gautam Hari Singhania who is a true champion. The entire collection showcased at the launch is inspired by him. The collection is dynamic with a versatile product mix that showcases the expertise Raymond has in product development and innovation. Mr. Singhania secured a total of 10 podiums in the entire season of Ferrari Challenge Series Europe Championship 2015 and stood 2nd in overall standings in the entire season which is the first ever person to achieve this feat ever in the debut season.

TVC: What’s USP about collection as compared to your current brand in the market.

RB: The entire collection has All Wool, Wool Rich, Poly Wool, PW TR, Cotton/Linen and range of Innovative fibers & Yarns. A versatile range designed with the spirit of leadership to create its own identity.  The entire collection range is inspired by different race wins like Monza, Budapest, Le Castellet, Imola, Valencia, Mugello and Jubilee.

TVC: What’s your Distribution Strategy ?

RB: The champions collection will be available across all leading The Raymond Shops in the country. We have currently more than 750 stores across 380 towns.

TVC: What is  your targeted Revenue  of next one year?

RB: We are targeting a total revenue of 65 crores this year only from the Champions collection range.

TVC: Send Collection details of each sub brands


 Monza – This range offers products with excellent features and value proposition. Includes 2 products –

  1. New trend setting collection in Poly wool and
  2. An innovative product with excellent stretch and recovery feature.


Budapest – This range is a collection of cotton and linen aligned as per latest colours and designs

Le Castellet – This range offers fine poly wool blended fabrics in super 90s and super 100s with innovative features.

Imola – This range includes superior fabric with unique qualities. Fine fabric crafted from compact yarns with rich look and outstanding design clarity. World class range of jacketing fabrics designed in new colour combinations and design patters.

Valencia – This range caters to luxurious fabrics crafted for special occasions. Ceremonial fabrics with unique design elements like jacquards, glitter yarn effect, shiny textural patterns and unique placement designs. Also few fabrics crafted from Kroy wool with easy care features.

Mugello – The collection is of high end products crafted from noble fibers with luxurious handle and rich look. The range offers ultimate black fabric in the world, fine suiting fabric crafted from vicuna and wool. Luxurious suiting fabric made from Guanaco fiber and wool, fine fabric crafted from Yak fiber and wool, fine fabric made from cashmere and wool silk and super 180s wool.

Jubilee – A special collection created with the essence of charm and festivity to cater to a unique range. Rich sheen and fabulous handle has been fused with the creativity of designs.


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