At AIACA, we strive to bring about a significant improvement for the artisan communities all throughout India. In addition to introducing a regenerative and sustainable green model for textile-based businesses that can be widely reproduced to promote sustainability in all aspects, our goal with this programme is to create sustainable lives for women artisans working with the two businesses. We look forward to bringing about change with the Flipkart Foundation by our side thanks to this collaboration, which underlines our shared commitment to a better future for everybody, said Meenu Chopra, executive director of AIACA.

The odor-suppressing StayFreshTM technology has been modified especially for Gregory backpacks by the technology specialists at Polygiene, who are also backpack experts. High-end hiking models like the Gregory FOCAL/FACET, KATMAI/KALMIA, and BALTORO/DEVA employ it. By preventing the growth of germs that cause odours in fabrics, Polygiene StayFreshTM stops the stench before it starts.

Yes, we are referring about the common “smell of sweat” here. However, perspiration doesn’t smell by itself. The germs likes to dwell in many types of materials. In order to create fatty acids as part of their metabolism, they demand warm, humid surroundings. And those acids are the foul ones.The exclusive Polygiene StayFreshTM technology is woven into the mesh surface of the suspension system, covering every component from the shoulder harness and hip belt to the back panel. Gregory backpack experts worked with Polygiene’s technology experts to create a customised version of their odor-repelling StayFreshTM technology. The Gregory BALTORO/DEVA, KATMAI/KALMIA, and FOCAL/FACET are examples of high-end trekking models that employ it. By preventing the growth of odor-producing bacteria in fabrics, Polygiene StayFreshTM prevents odours from developing.

Yes, the typical “smell of sweat” is what we’re referring to. However, perspiration doesn’t actually smell. It’s the germs that adore to nest in all types of clothes. As part of their metabolism, they create fatty acids in their preferred warm, humid habitats. And those acids are what smell.The mesh surface of the suspension system contains embedded unique Polygiene StayFreshTM technology from the shoulder harness and hip belt to the back panel. , maintaining hygienic freshness throughout the pack’s lifecycle. The best aspect is that Polygiene minimises the frequency of washing backpacks, which conserves water and lessens abrasion. And even if backpacks enjoyed being washed, if the bacteria were already present in the fabric, conventional washing temperatures would do little to remove them. The end effect is that the stench quickly reappears after washing.

The foundation of Polygiene StayFreshTM is silver chloride, a salt that exists naturally in water and soil. The bacteria that cause foul odours cannot grow because of the silver ions in salt, which effectively stops stink in its tracks. Since this cutting-edge technology is woven into the fabric, the garment will stay fresh for its whole lifespan. Also, since it’s No additional energy or water is needed during the application step, reducing the impact on the environment during production. Nevertheless, there’s more: Even when used for extended periods of time, all Polygiene treatments have passed rigorous sensitivity testing and are perfectly safe. To avoid interfering with any naturally occurring bacteria on the skin, Polygiene StayFreshTM is exclusively active in the material. Bluesign® accreditation, the Oeko-Tex® Eco-Passport, and REACH compliance are all provided by Polygiene.

The advantages of polygiene are abundantly clear: although backpacks shouldn’t be washed frequently, they will eventually begin to smell. Odours caused by bacteria and their fatty acids are halted in their tracks by integrating Polygiene. That’s why Gregory’s larger device utilises this brilliant Swedish technology. touring packs like the BALTORO/DEVA or the KATMAI/KALMIA with seamless suspension systems. However, this odor-suppressing superweapon is also utilised in popular lightweight models like the FOCAL/FACET and the split-case BORDER TRAVELLER, where the ActiveShield compartment is treated with anti-microbial technology. Wet and dirty equipment, shoes, and clothing are separated from clean ones by this watertight container. Now that’s clever!