In the wake of COVID-19, GRADO, a market leader in innovation and excellence, has come up with NEO TECH® technology wherein the products are high quality, utilitarian and have a shield against bacteria and viruses alike.

NEO TECH® is a unique technology developed by the Donear group companiesperfected by brand GRADO at its manufacturing units, making the brand

  •        1stTextile Company to produce fabrics engineered for protection against viruses and microbes using Neo Tech® technology
  • with a major breakthrough with a revolutionary new technology and product; 
  • with  increased impetus on health and hygiene, we present antiviral and antibacterial fabrics;

GRADO NEO TECH® fabrics have been certified safe to wear/ use for any kind of garment – suits/ jackets/ trousers.

Interview with Mr. Rajendra Agarwal (Managing Director, Donear Industries ltd.

•How long did it take to come up with the concept of creating antiviral and antifungal fabrics?
We have been investing in R&D since a very long time. We have been pioneers in introducing a lot of innovative products in the market in the past as well with products such as STREEZA (4-way stretch fabric), ICE-touch (making you 5 degrees cooler) and Uncrushable (for wrinkle resistance) amongst others, which are continuing to fare extremely well.

NEO TECH® is the latest addition to that long list.

Being a market leader in innovation and excellence, GRADO has been supplying specialty anti-microbial fabrics to multiple brands – both domestic and abroad. Our goal was to prevent textiles from becoming a host surface for propagating harmful bacteria and microbes. However, in the wake of current pandemic, GRADO has come up with NEO TECH technology where in the products have a shield against microbes, especially viruses. The trials were conducted and approved in early March.

•What are the special features and properties of the new fabrics that make it one of its kind?
NEO TECH® is a unique technology developed by the Donear group companies, perfected by brand GRADO at its manufacturing units. The fabric is revolutionary and has been certified by top-laboratories such as NABL accredited Bio Tech Services. Leveraging NEO TECH® techniques, GRADO has developed specially designed anti-viral and anti-bacterial fabrics that inhibits growth and retention of micro-organisms, making them safe and hygienic.

•What material are they made up of and how consumer-friendly are they?
They can be made from cotton, poly cotton, poly viscose, stretch fabrics, poly wool and across all worsteds. GRADO NEO TECH® fabrics have been certified safe to wear/ use for any kind of garment – suits/ jackets/ trousers. These fabrics retain their properties up to even 50 washes, and are suited for everyday wear.

•Do these fabrics follow the new concept of circular economy?
All our products follow this concept – we are constantly finding new ways to improve the value chain to lessen our carbon footprint and promote sustainability and drive innovation.
•Which is the target market for this fabric?
Consumers of today are very well informed and prioritize safety first. Our target customer is everyone – we have a large range of products across varied blends and price points for various demographies. At the same time, we are reaching out to various institutions and establishments to evaluate their bulk requirements.
•Will the fabric be a huge success considering the long term?
Given the current conditions we are facing, there is an apparent consumer shift to choose products that they feel assured by – products that have utilitarian benefits and drive away their fears. We are only trying to provide those things. This is a small attempt to protect people in hope for a better tomorrow.
• What end product is specifically aimed to make out of these fabrics?
These fabrics can be used for an array of products including shirts, trousers, jackets, suits and other customised solutions for institutions like overalls, coats, etc.
•What could be the limitations for the marketing of the fabric?
I think one of the main things we foresee is being able to cater to customers during the lockdown. But rest assured, once lifted, our manufacturing units will be running at an improved efficiency to churn out the fabrics within a few days.