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Excellence in weaving Preparatory by Prashant Group

Published: June 25, 2018

PRASHANT GROUP, established in 1975, is one of India’s prominent and fastest growing Textile Machinery manufacturing group. The Group has co-operations with leading European and American textile machine manufacturing companies which bring an edge in updated technology and enhancement in product profile. Prashant group comprises of 4 companies, namely PRASHANT GAMATEX, PRASHANT WEST POINT MACHINERY, PRASHANT FERBER & PRASHANT TEXMACH

Exclusive Interview of Amoli Shah Director of Prashant Group of Companies

 “excellence in weaving Preparatory”.

Q: Establishment of the company?

The company started by My Father in 1975 and our vision behind this is to provide world class technology at appropriate price. As per our vision, we are providing the best technology till date.

Q: What all the Challenges do you face in the journey?

Challenges are part of any business. I believe that if the company fundamentals are strong, then it is very easy to overcome any challenges. As a group, we are steadily growing every year despite demonetization, GST, or other factors.

Q: Different Countries having their different Markets & Challenges. What is your opinion and experience about it?

We are exporting over 45 countries. First & foremost, we must have very high tech high quality product to export your machines in world market especially in Europe and America. Second important thing is that you require a local representative in export.  We have our own representatives and agents in respective countries where we are exporting our machines.

Q: What is your Achievement overall?

We are one stop solution for weaving preparatory.  We are enjoying No. 1 position in India by providing world class products as appropriate price.

Q: What is your market share in India?

In India we have more than 70 to 80% market share in high tech sectional warping machine.

Q: What is your USP?

We are focusing on technology, quality & R&D. we have our own R&D team which is determined to provide world class products with better quality. Our 80% parts are produced In-House and electronic parts, we import from Europe. We have In-House quality control. We have more than 20 engineers just for R&D. We have 1000 plus employees and out of which 350 plus engineers.

Q: What is your next technology in your segment?

Automation and green products is our next segment of technologies; where one require less man power and less energy consumption.  We provide robotic sectional warping machine, due to which productivity increased by 50% with less man power, less space and less yarn. We provide completely automatic beam handling system due to which major saving in man power and efforts are done.  Loom down time is also reduced by half.  We have supplied our latest indigo sheet dyeing machine which has reduced water consumption and chemical consumption significantly compare to traditional machines available in the market.

Q: Overall scenario of textile machinery?

Indian textile machinery industry is seeing lots of modernization. As far as weaving sector is concern, we see more and more upgradation in shuttle less looms in terms of automation, speed and other features. To support high speed air jet looms, there is modernization in preparatory also.  So overall, we see advancement in terms of technology.

Q: Do you get TUFS benefit in your business?

TUF is an indirect benefit to our business.  Our customer gets the TUF benefit and all our machines are approved under TUF.  So when they buy our machines, they get TUF benefit which in terms benefit our business also.

Q: Impact of GST in your business?

GST had affected temporarily our business because our buyers were affected. But now everything is back to routine. I am seeing long term benefits to our business due to GST.

Q: What is your Future Plan?

As of now, we are enjoying No.1 position in India and in future we maintain our position and dignity. We want to serve textile industry by providing cutting edge technology at appropriate price.  Even though we are exporting to 45 countries, we would like to increase our market share further in world market.

Q: who is your competitor company?

There are few European competitors and some Chinese competitors.

Q: What new technology you introduced to market in ITMACH 2017?

We introduced high tech Inspection Machine and packing line in ITMACH 2017.

Q: Overall experience of ITMACH 2017?

ITMACH organization was good.  Over all response was also good.  Though I feel, there were still room for improvement in terms of organizing and attracting more genuine buyers.

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