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‘Dyecol’ To Reach 650 Customers In India

Published: January 13, 2019

By – Swaminathan Balasubramanian

Shree Pushkar Chemicals and Fertilisers has been a Dyes Intermediate provider for over two decades  now, and recently ventured into production of Reactive Dyes. According to the company, the journey of moving up the value chain and becoming a dye’s manufacturer has been overwhelming, the reception from the  market has been phenomenal. The industry leader is all set to rock the market with their our own brand and sell through distributors nationally and internationally. The recent top-management appointments from the organization included Dr N.N. Mahapatra, a renowned Technocrat and a well-known figure in the Textile Industry. Punit Makahria, MD of the company speaks on how aggressively they are setting up office in key market areas and building a technical and service team to cater to demands of textile houses. Edited excerpts.

What is this product all about and what are the advantages for a unit by using your new product?
Shree Pushkar Chemicals and Fertilisers  is one of the leading reactive dyes manufacturer who believes in Sustainability, moving forward with this belief we launched our own new brand known as ‘Dyecol’, this new range of reactive dyes are said to use less water and energy, and decrease processing skills in comparison to conventional dyes, in a bid to tackle environmental and sustainability issues of the textile wet processing industry. The dyes are in highly concentrated and crude form, it is also salt free reactive dyes. It is called Pure Dyes. If you dye Light Medium to Dark shades using our dyes you must use less dyes which means less salt, less soda and less washing and soaping process required. It will result in less effluent load. The new technology has replaced the outdated Vinyl Sulphone dyes and ME (Bifunctional Dyes). It is known as Super Strength Reactive Dyes or ‘Dyecol SS Reactive Dyes.’  DYECOL SS REACTIVE DYES are used for Cotton Fibre and Yarn Dyeing, Knitted and Woven Fabrics Dyeing. It is widely accepted by the Indian an International Market. It is specially designed for Exhaust dyeing.

It is suitable for Light, Medium, Dark & Heavy Dark Shades.  It is a new range of High Tinctorial Value, Good Robustness, Extraordinary Colour Value, Unmatchable Lab to Bulk and Bulk to Bulk Reproducibility. It is also very cost effective. Less chance of Reprocessing of Dyed lots. It increases the RFT percentage. We also call this range of dyes as “Dyer’s Dream”.

Apart for this range, we have also introduce our 5 other primary range of dyes, Dyecol DR Reactive Dyes, Dyecol CEFT & RR Reactive Dyes, Dyecol CELF Reactive Dyes, Reactive Blacks along with Royal Blue and Turquoise Blues. Our Entire Range of Dyes is GOTS Certified, we are a ZDHC contributor and we as a company are also ‘BLUESIGN System Partner’ 

How environment friendly is your solution and how are you ensuring it?
We are exploring ways that can reduce the environmental impact of our clothes, primarily through the choice and use of materials and processes we use. A key area that has emerged within this research has been the way we dye fabrics, which can have huge impacts on water systems through waste and contamination – not to mention the fact that colour is such a hugely important aspect of fashion. 

Please tell us about the Blue Sign certification you had received?
Bluesign is an emerging gold-standard for environmental health and safety in the manufacturing of textiles, and textile related chemicals. The Switzerland-based organization, officially known as Bluesign Technologies AG, provides independent auditing of textile mills, examining manufacturing processes from raw materials and energy inputs to water and air emissions outputs. Each component is assessed based on its ecotoxicological impact. Bluesign ranks its audit findings in order of concern and suggests ways to reduce consumption while recommending alternatives to harmful chemicals or processes where applicable. Textile mills that commit to verifiably adopting Bluesign’s recommendations can become certified System Partners and attract business from a wide range of brands and retailers around the world looking for greener vendors.

Eco-aware consumers can feel confident purchasing clothing items with the Bluesign label that they are buying the most environmentally friendly, socially conscious version of the jacket, shirt, sweater, pants, hat or gloves in question. Given the push for greener products of every kind, Bluesign has gained serious traction in the last few years among some of the leading brands in the outdoor clothing and gear business.

Shree Pushkar being a Blue Sign’ system partner has received edge market our products in Bangladesh and other countries where textiles is a prominent industry. and the Brands and retailers are more emphasising on BLUE SIGN in order to ensure their output meets environment friendly standards

What are the key trends you notice from buyers in terms of treating affluent?
Nowadays Buyers are fussier about ZERO DISCHARGE. They are procuring material from ZDHC contributors only. Using chemicals of known quality that meet the requirement of the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL) is an important part of chemical management that will lead to zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. This document describes the way in which chemical suppliers can provide indicators of conformance to become ZDHC accepted for MRSL conformance. chemical suppliers, brands, material suppliers, product finishers, and certification bodies.

The intention of the ZDHC MRSL Conformance Guidance is to and their value chains find recognised, credible processes which provide an indication that a chemical formulation is in conformance with the ZDHC MRSL.

How are you planning to promote your products in India? Through what means? Any Strategy being involved?
With a customer-centric approach and diversified product portfolio of Reactive Dyes, we had achieved an enviable reputation in widely spread domestic and global markets. We have significant market presence in all demographics catering to the wide range of demands of quality sensitive customers. We value our customer feedback and continuously strive to enrich customer experience. 

We are having a strong presence in Indian Market with it versatile “DYECOL” Reactive Dyes range, we aim catering to more than 650 customers through an efficient distributors network across pan India. Our other products are being successfully used in this industry for over 20 years for dyeing of Woven, Knitted, Terry towel, Yarn, Hank, Fibre and Garments. Our prime focus remains on developing and launching innovative products regularly either for new applications/end-products or resolving problems faced by customers in their existing process or end-products through.   Our clientele comprises of global customers from Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Brazil, Nigeria, Mauritius and many more.

What are your key markets and what are your expansion plans for the same?
Our immediate expansion plan is to focus on the Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran and Turkey markets.

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