Interaction with Truetzschler Non-Woven with Mr. Shiladitya Joshi, Truetzschler India supporting our principles of web business promotions and Mr. Torsten Kaiser, Area Sales Manager of Truetzschler  Nonwoven & Man Made Fibers GmbH.

In this very vast program and world of nonwovens, we as a machine manufacturer, are able to provide single machines, complete lines from bale opening to winding and service to our customers.

When did you enter the Indian market ?

We have been working since many years in India and still we see that the market is developing. It is because Nonwoven has multiple applications, it can be hygiene, it can be medical product, it can be geo textile it can be technical textile. It was all visible here at the show. So evidently, it’s a very vast range to cover. Since we are working in spunlace technology, we focus mainly on products like wipes which are used for hygiene purposes. This market is still developing in India. As we said, we have other parts of the world where it’s more developed than others. We have experienced a show of big interest here. Moreover, we believe strongly in the Indian competence for the material, which is cotton. Cotton is a recyclable and biodegradable material and this is what the world is currently asking for. So I think India has a great potential to become one of the export leaders for nonwoven made out of cotton.

How is the market in India for Truetzschler Nonwovens ?

In India, there are couple of nonwoven lines and many of their products are exported already but there are also some local products. And I think this number shall definitely increase. Subsequently, the awareness of hygiene and the advantages of such products is getting bigger. This will and does make consumers more conscious about hygiene, hand-in-hand, increasing the demand. This will help the market grow, to which we can work since we have the right machinery to process the cotton. You see, cotton is the material that is not easy to handle compared to synthetic materials. Keeping in mind that here we have done a lot of development, especially on web forming, that means carding in particular, we have various series of machines where we can handle the virgin cotton also the combed cotton. We consider that we can help the Indian market flourish. Many customers are coming from the spinning industry, processing cotton. Consequently there are huge quantities of comber noils available. Now the customers have two choices, either they sell the combed or they can make a product out of it. Statistically, there is potential to invest into a new market and to gain new market shares in the different segments, for which nonwoven could be of the utmost help.

Do you have a R & D centre?

Infact, the Truetzschler Nonwoven Group, has two R & D sites in Germany; one is close to Frankfurt and one is close to Muenster. In our Technical Center in Egelsbach we have two very flexible production lines on 5000 square meters floor space, on which we can produce a large variety of different webs with different weights at different speeds. New customers have the possibility to send us their raw material and based on the requirements, we can produce the web for him. At the end he can touch and feel his product and see what is possible from a technological point of view. This is a big advantage for the customer when entering into a new market. Our machine portfolio consists of opening and blending, carding, thermal web bonding and bonding with hydro-entanglement, drying  and winding. There is transparency between us and the customers, which help in future projects.

Percentage of Revenue keeps for R & D

The percentage of revenue keeps changing a lot. We are changing our priorities according to the need of the market. The markets are moving and so are we. We have to adapt our machinery and the performances of our machines has to improve steadily. Therefore we are permanently in the process of improving our products and performance. When it comes to industry 4.0 for example, we are investing heavily into that. Machine efficiency, energy saving, running cost savings, etc. All these parameters are crucial in a production facility and we do our best to optimize our customers TCO on our machines.

What is the purpose of participation in Techtextil India 2019?

As I said earlier, we believe in India and a good way to the market is to export the cotton. As it is the material that can replace and I’m sure it will partially replace; in the western states; polypropylene and polyester. These countries don’t have their own cotton production but India has experience and knows the cotton very well. So I think this is the way how Indian customers can build a new business. And this is our reason for participation. We want to show them all the advantages of the cotton, and we want to show them our machinery, because you cannot simply process cotton on a line which is supposed to run synthetic materials. It’s different and much trickier. We have the right machinery combination but we also need the right Indian subsidiaries. We can support them by technological backup, which is only one of the many advantages available at Truetzschler.

For us, it’s good to have ATE in the loop because they know the market and we know the machinery. Together, we can adjust our development space to the market needs. We think we have a good portfolio now to carry this cotton range. This is what we did at the Techtextile 2019, we have promoted this material.

What is the potential of this Machinery in India ?

Here, the machines and the technology is available, along with the Indian subsidiaries. We have big interest in the cotton spinning machinery and we expect this business will also get better and have good growth prospect in future. We are here to support our own company to develop this product, especially for the Indian market.

Response for TechTextil 2019

We are undeniably very happy with the show. We made very good contacts, with our existing customers, of course. There was a lot of networking with new customers who came to us, who really wanted to invest into new products, into new options other than spinning. And I think we had a lot of serious requests. So we are going home with a lot of work and I’m very excited. In all, I’m very pleased. I can only thank the Indian customers for this big participation. It was very nice to witness such a good prospect.

Is A.T.E. is good Partner for you ?

Yes, indeed, a very good partner. We have been working together since many years and we are very happy with the performance and result.