The 30-year-old Perfect Filaments Limited —vertically integrated (from Chips to Texturised Yarn) with doping facility on 100% POY lines and Special Double Density DTY Machines — is a leading manufacturer and exporter of polyester textured yarns from India.

Inherent fire-retardant yarn, inherent antimicrobial yarn, inherent wicking effect yarn, dope dyed yarn, cationic yarn, full dull yarn, melange and discat yarns are some of the product offerings from Perfect’s wide-ranging ensemble.

With 100-tons-per-day capacity in both POY and texturising, Perfect Filaments caters to the domestic and export markets in equal measure.

Thanks to its continuous endeavours in terms of R&D and product development, Perfect Filaments today has to its credit nine patents (4 granted in USA, 1 Europe, 1 China, 2 Australia and 1 India).

It is investing US$ 4 million in capacity expansion that would enhance its production capability by around 20 per cent while also adding 8-10 buyers to its growing list of clienteles.

Mr Rajendra Gupta, CMD, Perfect Filaments Ltd, spoke to the Textile Value Chain, in an exclusive interview at the Yarn Exhibition.


Question: What are the new products that you have launched in this Yarn Expo exhibition and how has been the response for them?

Answer:We have launched new patterns for the melange products. We have also introduced biodegradable polyester and polyester yarn which gives cotton like feel. The latter is 100% polyester but it gives cotton-like feeling. This is mainly due to the increasing prices of cotton. This product gives an economic solution for the above-mentioned problem. The feel and other properties of this yarn are close to that of cotton, but it is 100% polyester.

Question: You have also launched a recycling product range. This is one of the most explored sectors these days. How is the response for this product range of yours?

We are into recycling since the last 4-5 years. The response has been quite consistent. The brand awareness is already prevailing in the market. Since the market is already so mature towards the recycling business, we do not need to take much efforts for spreading information about it. People already have knowledge about recycled products and hence our business is sustaining in the market. We have a bit of slack from the last 3 months, but overall, it is still steady.

How is your company’s turnover distributed amongst the recycled products and the virgin products?

Almost 20% of our products are the recycled products. Our daily output is 100 tons, out of which around 20 ton is of recycled yarn.

What is the vision of your company and what are your future plans?

We are planning to add a new production line for recycled yarn. It will also consist of mechanical recycling. We are adding this line considering the future requirements for recycled products.

When are you planning to start this new line for recycled products?

It will take around 1.5 to 2 years to start this line and get it functional.

We can see some of your new brands launched here. Tell us more about it.

Perfect Filament is a certified yarn manufacturers for Ciclo, a polyester brand in the US. We provide biodegradable polyester yarn to them. This yarn is manufactured using the novel technologies at Ciclo and it is then certified by Ciclo, which is then used on labels for its further products like fabrics and garments. Ciclo is a registered company that gives certificates of authenticity after it is tested in its labs.

Perfect Filament is also one such registered certifiers for polyester yarns. However, this is only one segment of our brand and here we charge, only the costs that we incur, to our buyers. I think we are one of the pioneers in providing economic biodegradable polyester. This is our contribution towards sustainability that we do not charge any extra margin for this product even though it is a new technology.

How and where do you develop these new innovative products?

Our CEO, Raunak Gupta, heads our R&D team himself and he is involved in every process of R&D. We have a separate team for this and we have already acquired a lot of patents for our products. We have developed a few more products which are under the process of being patented. They will soon be launched in the market. There can be many versions that can be developed from a single product. We can bring this variety and innovation in the market and we can contribute in the home textile and apparel sector as well.

How much percentage of your total revenue goes into innovation?

The innovation sector is not related directly to the budget of the company. It has its separate budget and there is no constraint on the budget. If the owner thinks that this innovation is worth giving a try, we do it. There is no fixed amount as such. But we already have a huge market presence, which is mainly due to the R&D sector and we consider this as a victory in itself. It is already contributing towards the growth of the company and it is visible in its markets as well. Our R&D team works in quite a different manner.

Would like to give some message to the industry?

There is a large variety of products available in the market today. We are also contributing our bit and bringing out new, innovative products. Considering all this, people should reach out to us if they need to understand any of our products for developing their own products. We can cater and support their requirements of developing new products effectively. It can be a win-win business for our customers.

Question: Do you sell yarn or fabrics or both?

Answer:We manufacture yarn only. We have kept an open channel system here in this expo, wherein the customers can scan the QR code and then get the information and then develop the fabric on their own. All of this information is available in the public domain and it can be accessed by our customers and hence they can avail these benefits.