Technical textile is a rapidly expanding sub-segment used in a wide range of industries. The ultimate application of technical textiles is diverse and may be found in sectors including agriculture, sportswear, construction, healthcare, automobile and so on. A few of the important factors to the development of this market include India’s push towards modernisation and its production efficiency.

Because of the increasing market situation, technical textiles have witnessed a worldwide increase in recent times. Advanced technologies, growth in end-use applications, cost-effectiveness, resilience, customer-friendliness, and sustainability of technical textiles have resulted in a rise in their market share in the global market.

In terms of revenue, Mobiltech, Indutech, Buildtech, Packtech, and Hometech account for almost two-thirds of the worldwide industry.

Technical textile makes around 13% of India’s overall textile and garment industry and adds 0.7 percent to India’s GDP.

India exported textile wall coverings worth US$0.03 million in September 2020 which increased to US$0.05 million in September 2021. Between January and September 2021, the total exports were US$0.21 million, up by 58.56% from the last year.

Exports of transmission/conveyor belts/belting of textile material wh/not impregnated coated, covered/laminated with plastics reinforced with mettle/other material September 2020 totalled US$1.01 million which declined by 12.59% to US$0.88 million in September 2021. By the end of September 2020, the exports were worth US$5.27 million and it increased to US$7.93 million in the corresponding period of next year.

Textile wicks, woven, plaited/knitted,for lighters, candles etc; incandescent gas mantles etc,w/n impregnated exports which were totalled US$0.8 million in September 2020, decreased by US$70.74% to 0.23 million in September 2021. From January to September 2021, the total exports increased by 6.7%.

India exported Textile fabrics coated with gum or amylaceous substances, of a kind used for the outer covers of books or the like were worth US$1.36 million, up by 40.04% from the previous year. Between January and September 2021, the overall exports were up by 32.45%.

Tyre cord fabric of high tenacity yarn of nylon or other polyamides, polyesters or viscose rayon exports in September 2021 witnessed a fall by 2.76% to US$4.48 million. By the end of September 2020, the exports were totalled US$27.36 million which increased to US$39.14 million at the end of September 2021.

India’s exports of Linoleum, whether or not cut to shape; floor coverings consisting of a coating or covering applied on a textile back were worth just US$0.01 million by the end of September 2021.

In September 2020, the exports of textile products and articles for technical uses were about US$3.64 million and it grew by 15.64% in next year September to US$4.21 million. Total exports between January and September 2021 were also up by 44.89% from the previous year.

Textile fabrics impregnated, coated, covered/lamented with plastics excel those of heading no. 5902 exports were worth US$21.21 million in September 2020 which increased by 4.08% in September 2021 to US$22.08 million. From January to September 2020, the total exports were US$139.71 million which hiked up to US$223.48 million during the same time span of next year, up by 59.96% from the previous year.

India exported textile hose piping and similar textile tubing, with or without lining, armour or accessories of other materials worth US$0.19 million during September in both years.

India’s exports of rubberised textile fabrics, other than those of heading 5902 totalled US$1.27 million in the month of September 2021, increased by 89.43% from the last year. By the end of September 2021, the overall exports totalled US$9.04 million.

India exported Textile fabrics otherwise impregnated, coated/covered; painted canvas being theatrical scenery, studio back-cloths or the like worth US$1.5 million in September 2020 which witnessed a spike of 12.21% in September 2021. Between January and September 2020, the total exports were about US$8.84 million which rose to US$15.32 million during the corresponding time of next year.

By Somasree Roy