Choosing the right eyeglasses can seem like a daunting process. There are so many shapes, colors, and sizes. It’s hard to know what will be flattering. One way to narrow things down and make things more manageable is to evaluate frames based on your face shape. To help you figure out how to find the perfect glasses frame for your face, check out these tips.

Determine Your Face Shape

The first thing you’ll need to discover is what category your face best matches. Face shapes can generally be broken down into five kinds.

They are:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Heart

Oval is probably the most versatile. It is fairly proportional, and it tends to narrow gradually at both the forehead and the chin. A round face, as it implies, is quite proportional all around. The length and width of the face are basically equal. When it comes to the square, things are also rather proportional, with the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw being about the same. Triangle faces are wider at the forehead, narrow at the chin. The cheekbones are usually rather sharp. Very similar is the heart shape, except that the cheeks are rounder.

Once you determine your face shape, you can then begin exploring glasses that work well with your facial structure. Because oval faces are so proportional, they can wear nearly any style of frame. If you’re an oval, try on the ones you gravitate toward and have fun with them. If your face is round, you’ll want to look for frames that have edges in order to provide some contrast for the eye. Square, rectangle, geometric, and even aviator styles are worth looking into. Got a square face? Same concept. Look to the opposite shape in glasses frames. Round, cat eye, oval, or browline should work. Anything that has curves can help to soften your angular structure. Rounder frames like these also complement triangle faces. Finally, delicate heart-shaped faces won’t want to opt for anything that is too big or bold. Look for ones that flatter your softness. Oval, cat eye, and browline all offer a nice subtle enhancement to your face shape.

Consider Complementary Colors

The next step in picking the right glasses for your face shape involves finding colors that will look good with your skin tone. If your skin tone is a warm shade, you should look for warm colors. Shades of red, brown, and orange are good bets. Cool-toned skin looks best in cool colors like black, blue, gray, or purple. If you need inspiration, take a look in your closet. The colors you feel best in should serve as a guide for choosing your new glasses.

Reflect on Your Lifestyle

You want the glasses you choose to fit in well with your daily life. It’s important to take some time to reflect on your lifestyle to determine what matters most with regard to choosing the right frames. If you have a high-powered job, you’ll need a pair of glasses that reflect your professional status. A creative type may have more leeway when it comes to style, boldness, and flair. Are you an active person? Be sure to go for a pair of glasses that fit well and are sturdy in construction so that they can stand up to your active lifestyle. There are ultra lightweight glasses frames that are both super comfortable and durable; these could work quite well for someone who leads a physically active life.

Let Your Personality Shine

Finally, your glasses should be a reflection of who you are as a person. They should highlight your style, vibe, and personality. Go for a style that makes you feel good in your skin. After all, you’ll be wearing them nearly every day. It is possible to get yourself two or more pairs if you need to work within the confines of your job. Get a fun and funky pair for your off-time and more refined frames for on the job.

These tips should help you to narrow down the countless choices you encounter when choosing glasses. Finding the right frame for your face involves following a few simple guidelines with a dash of personal style for good measure.

Featured Photo by Designecologist from Pexels