Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

One of the most incredible truths about the internet is that it’s opened up a myriad of new industries for people to thrive in. While being a social media influencer is a viable and practical way to make a living, it didn’t exist a few years ago. Now, there are courses, books, and case studies on how to be a successful fashion influencer. While the intricate details will shift as time progresses, there is a relatively tried-and-true formula for becoming a successful, profitable fashion influencer. In order to get started, implement the following tips.

1. Determine Your Target Audience & Fashion Perspective

One of the most beautiful facts about the world of fashion is that it’s like art: it’s subjective. However, you choose to showcase a garment, and accessorize can be unique to you. Sure, there are tons of influencers who opt to become models and carbon copies of each other. However, if you’d like to create your own lane and clear fashion perspective, you can. The key is to determine what your fashion perspective is and figure out who would appreciate it the most. Whether you like to showcase luxury pieces or combine a mix of high and low-priced items, determine what your perspective will be and who your target audience is. When those two components are clearly defined, it’s much easier to eliminate distractions and fully focus.

2. Create Cohesive Branding, Handles, and Messaging

When you decide what you’d like for your brand name to be, do a search to make sure the name is legally available. Once you’re able to confirm its availability, reserve all of the social media handles and purchase the domain. If the name isn’t available on one of the platforms, create a combination that is available. It’s really important to create a cohesive look across all of your platforms. Whether you’re crafting an email to release to those on your email list or creating a caption for an Instagram post, make sure your messaging sounds the same. Create a list of words that you’d like to use in your company vernacular in order to set yourself apart from other brands within your niche. This will help you become recognizable when your followers and customers are looking for your brand. Even down to the colors and filters you choose, develop a clear look. Starbucks uses one specific shade of green in order to create its logo and more. That specific hue is easily associated with this coffee powerhouse of a brand because they picked a color and stuck with it.

3. Develop a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

When you’re reviewing factors like how to make money and how to choose the right affiliate platform for your brand, never forget the importance of developing a strong catalog of amazing content that correlates with the companies you’d like to partner with. While there are ways to include a sponsored post by a tire company into your content as a fashion influencer, consider how authentic it’ll come across. Sure, it might be able to work a little bit. However, it’s better to create content and partner with brands that can easily sell that content to their audiences. If you specialize in helping women curate a fashion-forward closet without putting in a lot of effort, consider partnering with clothing companies that offer styling services, virtual consulting options, and more. When you’re developing content as a fashion influencer, don’t just think about how good you’ll look in the photos with your cute clothes. Develop a multi-pronged approach where you consider how this can help the person who’s looking at the photo improve their own personal style and buy what you’re wearing. It’s also important to consider the brand and how your approach is unique enough for them to want to work with you.

4. Implement Strategies to Skyrocket Your Engagement

Even if you don’t have a lot of followers at first, you can still be a successful, sponsored fashion influencer. By far, engagement is the most important element to focus on. Find ways to engage with your audience on a daily basis. If you’re using a platform like Facebook or Instagram, use the stories feature to ask questions, create polls, and regularly engage with your followers. If you love to talk, host a weekly live broadcast. Say hi to the people who join your broadcasts, and engage with them on a regular basis. When your engagement is high, these people trust your judgment and will buy what you recommend. This is what brands want the most.

As you work on adding these tips to your list of tasks, always remember to be as authentic as possible. Since you’re putting yourself out there and establishing yourself as a public figure, guard your heart and your mind from online critiques and public fodder. Protect your peace as you venture into the world of social media influencing. It can be an extremely rewarding endeavor when you steward your talents correctly and maintain the right perspective on what truly matters.