Have you ever been to a store and been amazed by the variety of formal wear available for men? Today, formal wear for men is more than just a suit. However, a suit is also an umbrella term for the plethora of formal wear combinations that come under it. 

Suits are perfect formal wear for formal occasions such as office parties, office, interviews and even weddings. If you love wearing a suit, you will be surprised to see the number of options you have to choose from today. Today, there are different kinds of suits available for various events. If you want to know which suit you should buy, have a look at the list given below.

  1. Semi-formal/business attire: There is no second-guessing in the clothing for businesses, which is why you should buy a business suit. You can pair your white shirt with a navy, black or grey suit, a standard business-coloured tie, a crisp white pocket square, socks and black or brown Oxford shoes. Pull off this business look in style, and rest assured you will crack the deal.
  2. Business casuals: If you’re the boss, Ozzie boss vibes by wearing a casual business suit consisting of a dress shirt that can be layered with a neutral-hued sports jacket, trousers and penny loafers or double monks. Accessorise your look to the correct amount by wearing a classic watch.
  3. Creative black tie: This can be considered the least formal aesthetic in the formal wear category. You’ll see this look being pulled off by your favourite Bollywood and Hollywood stars at red carpet events. Your dress shirt can be paired with a vest or a cummerbund in lieu of a vest, tuxedo trousers, a tuxedo jacket and a black bow tie. Compliment the look with leather shoes and accessories with cufflinks and a classy watch.
  4. Black tie: It is less formal than a white tie but more formal than a creative black tie. If you’re invited to social events that happen primarily during the evenings, you can wear a dress shirt with cufflinks and pair it with a jacket ribbed with silk facings on a shawl collar or a peaked lapel. Wear black trousers and a cummerbund or a low cut waistcoat with black dress shoes and black socks.
  5. White tie: The white tie is the most formal suit you can wear to high society events such as state dinners, formal balls and evening weddings. For this look, you need to wear a dress shirt and pair it with a white waistcoat, a tailcoat jacket, black trousers, suspenders, white bow tie, white gloves, a boutonniere, cufflinks and studs and black leather shoes.

With these fantastic different formal suits to choose from, it is wise to have at least one of every category so you can look suave at events, red carpet functions and even date nights. Some of these basic suits can also be worn when you’re shortlisted for an interview or have a business meeting with a colleague.