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OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN – For a more transparent textile and leather industry

Published: February 3, 2023
Author: TVC Editorial

Today, a beautiful product is no longer everything. Making responsible decisions for people and nature is more of a concern for consumers and companies than ever before. Consumers are demanding that companies, with increasing focus on the textile and leather industry, fulfil their social and ecological responsibilities. They are looking for security and trust – without greenwashing. In addition to unique designs and high-quality materials, they want producers to actively protect people and preserve resources for future generations. Conscious consumers demand transparent processes and clear communication.
A company cannot truly achieve more sustainability on their own or without tracing their supply chains. What options do companies have to take action? For 30 years the OEKO-TEX® Association has been a global leader in enabling consumers and businesses to protect our planet. It is one of the most experienced international certifiers and, with international independent research and testing institutes, provides education for manufacturers, producers, and consumers. All services work to strengthen systems, processes and products and promote sustainable practices. The OEKO-TEX® portfolio creates transparency and provides guidance along the entire value chain.
With the launch of OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN in 2015, the Association created a comprehensive and traceable label. According to Greenpeace, MADE IN GREEN is one of the strictest labels for textile production and end products. It identifies textiles and leather goods that have been produced more sustainably in socially responsible workplaces. In addition, the label ensures that the entire product has been tested for harmful substances to protect consumer health.
Consumers can follow the product’s path directly at the point of sale by the using the label’s QR code or unique product ID in our OEKO-TEX® Label Check. The MADE IN GREEN label provides information on the processing steps and production locations of each product and helps consumers make more sustainable and fair decisions.
The transparent design of the production steps is, of course, not only important for the education of consumers, but also for companies, manufacturers, and producers. After all, independent certificates provide credibility for claims and build trust with partners and consumers. A win-win situation for all parties.

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