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IJMA Foresee Strong Growth Of Jute In India

Published: July 4, 2019

Indian Jute Mills Association is the flagship industry forum for jute mills in India. The forum takes to government and other bodies on the key challenges faced by the industry people.

Speaking to Textile Value Chain, Manish Poddar, Chairman of the association, says, “India is the global leader in this segment and jute is completely a homegrown product. Jute was first set up by the Scottish. From the packaging material, postmodernization had happened and new product lines had come.”, he says further adding that the years to come will be bright for the jute industry as such. Some of the key clusters where active jute mills present are Champdany, Delta, Howrah, Kamarhatty, Kanoria, Mahadeo, Rameswaram, Tirupati, and Titaghur and more. According to the available sources, the export of Jute from India in all different forms during the financial year 2017 is more than 1800 crore.

Speaking on the technology used in the manufacturing of jute, he says that, most of the machines are brought from China. According to him, the key aspects the business owners in the industry expect is highly productive with best quality output with less intervention of manpower. Manish also says that the next innovation in the sector is to bring the weight of the jute. “If we are able to manufacture a particular kilogram of jute in a particular bag, the next innovation would be on how to increase more jute in the same bag”, Manish says.

Some of the key works of association broadly concerns liaison with Central and State Governments, provide service to members, promote trade and public relation, promote research, product development and foster goodwill and better understanding among all members engaged in the business and trade of jute and discourage and avoid unhealthy competition, restrictive trade practice in all matters relating to the business and trade of jute. The forum also conducts regular activities and meetings for the members on various topics that concern the day to day activities for the mills and for long term perspective.

In July 1902 the Association was named as the Indian Jute Mills Association. In 1931 the Indian Jute Mills Association was registered under the Indian Trade Union Act, 1926. Thereafter, the Association was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on the 28th July 1989.

by – B Swaminathan , Consulting Editor

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