By: Seshadri Ramkumar, Professor, Texas Tech University, USA 

Investments by Government of India by the way of “Technical Mission on Technical Textiles,” is paying rich dividends, “Saving Lives.”

Government of Gujarat under the leadership of Honorable Shri Modi ji developed its own incentive schemes some 15 years back. Spunbond nonwoven investments sprang up in Guajarat and elsewhere in India.

COVID-19 is rising again in states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra in India, Tamil Nadu with the start of new school season has made it manadatory to use face masks in public places. Chennai recorded about 1,025 new cases yesterday (July 1, 2022) indicating the rise in new cases. Surgical three layered face masks are available sufficiently and sell in bulk and retail from Rupees 1.75/piece to Rupees 5/piece.

Some 15 years back I was fortunate to be part of Government of India’s efforts to promote the awareness on nonwovens and enlisted USA-based Association of Non-woven Fabrics Industry to do its first training workshop in India in January 2007. Glad that India had the foresight to pump in money and create a mission.

History of India’s Technical Textiles revolution can be viewed at: