Exclusive Interview with Mr. Shamik Valia, Director of KISM TEXTILE PVT. LTD.

KISM has over 100 years of experience in the textile business, including fields such as yarn manufacture, weaving, embroidery, and processing. The promoters of KISM are textile engineers with MBAs. Weaving, Embroidery, Dyeing, and Printing are all done in-house at KISM. Knowledge of Fiber to Garment goes a long way toward satisfying the clients.

Company journey

Founded in 2010. KISM started its embroidery manufacturing operations in Bhiwandi. Starting as a job working unit, the KISM team transformed its business to finished fabrics sales under its KHYATI banner and with clients across India and exports to few Asian and African nations. KISM now has the capacity of 15L meters annually

Importance of Design 

Important parameters for sales, it’s the perceived value and desire for the fabrics. Embroidery design and base fabrics play a very imp role in the sales of the fabrics. Embellishments either are of current trends running in the market or classics which tell stories and are relatable across all generations. Certain designs with timeless fabrics like silk and chandeliers have a customer base. Trendy N Chic designs with contemporary fabrics find their way to malls and other retail chains.

 KISM works with garments teams right from its concept stage and assists for development till its garment form. With our knowledge of yarn to garments, we are an indispensable part of our clients’ design team.

Embroider Fabrics market size in India and Global market.

The embroidery market in India is large with its usage across all categories of men, ladies, and kids. There is a place for embroidery in cultures across the world and there is festivity recall in all markets across the world.

 At KISM we cater to ladies’ ethnic and men’s ethnic segments. For exports mostly its ladies’ items with embellishments on it.

Innovation Approach  

Embroidery is a segment in the fashion market and requires daily developments and investments into concepts and designs and fabric development. Based on your positioning in the market, there is merit in investing in the design team. At KISM we have an independent design department, and we flow through the entire design cycle from its concept stage to sketching, color matching, fabric matching, and final product introduction

Anti-Viral finishes importance 

At KISM we have developed Anti-Viral fabrics ourselves and are excited to use them for our medical textiles segment. However, its acceptance in normal fabrics is still a wait and watch.

Supply Chain understanding for buyers 

There is a push towards sustainable fabrics and acknowledging its supply chain. Whenever there is such a requirement, established supply partners are used to meet buyer requirements. Our sales in developing markets still have to show requirements for the same.

Raw Material availability and Price 

Covid has broken down both the supply side and procurement side. So, there are availability and pricing issues currently which we all will need to resolve in the near time.

Technology upgradation plan

The use of technology for improved efficiency and quality is the need of the hour. As and when we come across such products or technologies, we are open to embracing them.

Criteria for selection of Textile designer. 

Ideating for fresh concepts and designs keeping in mind the customer segment we serve are the main attributes for a textile designer. Textile background and relevant experience are a bonus.

Kindly share your future expansion plan.

We wish to wait for the covid impact before we plan for fresh expansion.