In today’s times, sustainability, recycling, upcycling are the vital elements that are playing role in the industry of textile and fashion. In these situations, coffee ground fibres prove to be an amazing innovation in the sustainable future. Recently, coffee ground fibres are now been used in dress materials and the home furnishing sector.


If you are feeling low, a cup of coffee can make up your mood, right? Yes, coffee is one of the popular beverages and is consumed for its energetic and refreshing properties. At the end of the production of coffee, the coffee industry produces large quantities of waste. But the good thing is that the textile industry is using that coffee been garbage to produce a new fabric that is eco-friendly and sustainable. The resulting coffee yarn is a multifunctional yarn, which can be used in a variety of products.

Processing of Coffee Fiber

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The process of making this fibre is similar to that of bamboo and viscose. Songtext is a patented process that is used to transform coffee grounds into fibres. For obtaining this fibre, the raw material which is a combination of coffee and recycled polyester is used. The coffee grounds which are treated as waste are now used to create composite fibre through extraction, nano grinding, metropolis, and wicking that can be used to weave or knit cloth. A single coffee can be used to make approximately two t-shirts. Also, this coffee fibre can be blended with other materials like polyester to create more good quality material for textile.

The manufacturing process involves firstly the preparation of material that has coffee residues in it. Then cleaning of raw material, in these organic contents from raw material is also removed. After this preparation of carbonized particles is done. These prepared carbonized particles are mixed with raw material to form a final mixture. After this the techniques like nano grinding, wicking is used to obtain the fibre.

Important Characteristics of Coffee Fiber 

This fabric made out of this fibre can dry fast. The granules of coffee absorb the odour thus the fabric also is good at odour control. It can also give UV protection to the wearer. This fibre is eco-friendly and easily recyclable. It also has good absorbency quality.


Coffee ground fibre is the best example of sustainability as it is produced from waste material and it is eco-friendly and can be recycled. The yarn made out of this fibre is multi-functional thus can be used in a variety of products like home furnishing to sportswear. . Though more research and development is needed to make this fibre popular on a large scale.


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Author: Rugveda Pisat

Intern, Textile Value Chain