In July 2021, basic textiles comprising fibres, spun and filament yarns shipment were worth US$1,224 mil-lion or INR8,876 crore, accounting for about 3.7% of total merchandise exported from India during the month.

Spun yarns shipment totaled 147 million kg worth US$528 million or INR3,890 crore. The unit value realization of all types of spun yarn averaged US$3.59 per kg, about US$1.14 up year on year. Bangladesh was the largest imported of spun yarns during the month, followed by China and Peru.

Cotton yarn export was at 116 million kg worth US$436 million (INR3,210 crore). These were shipped to 78 countries at an average price of US$3.75 a kg, up US cents 11 from previous month and up US$1.27 from July 2020. Bangladesh was the top importer of cotton yarn, followed by China, Peru, Vietnam, and Egypt.

100% man-made fibre yarns exports were at 11 million kg, comprising over 5 million kg of polyester yarn, 3.3 million kg of viscose yarn and 2 million kg of acrylic yarn. Viscose yarn was worth US$11 million or INR82 crore, exported at an average price of US$3.29 per kg in July. The major market was Bangladesh, followed by Brazil, Turkey and Belgium. Polyester spun yarns export was worth US$12 million exported at average unit price of US$2.21 a kg. Brazil was the largest importer of polyester yarn, followed by Morocco and Tur-key.

Blended spun yarns worth US$61 million were exported in July, including 13 million kg of PC yarns and 4 million kg of PV yarns. Bangladesh was the largest importers of PC yarn from India followed by Egypt while Turkey was the single largest importer of PV yarns from India followed by Brazil.

All kinds of filament yarns shipment totaled 86 million kg, valued at US$1538 million or INR1,127 crore.

Cotton shipment in July was 5.12 lakh bales worth INR1,333 crore or US$181 million. This takes the total export to 101 lakh bales worth US$22,585 crore or US$3,106 million in the first 10 months of 2020-21 marketing season. Bangladesh was the largest market for Indian cotton during the month, followed by China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Export price realisation for cotton averaged INR153 a kg or US cents 94.41 per pound during July. This was below Cotlook A index, the global spot price benchmark and slightly higher than domestic spot price for benchmark Gujarat Shankar-6. During the month, Cotlook averaged US$98.44 per pound while Shankar-6 was at US cents 93.54 per pound. Courtesy: Fibre to Yarn Export Statistics: India

Total merchandised exports in July 2021 stood at US$35.43 billion, as against US$23.64 billion in July 2020, up 49% per cent. In INR terms, exports were at INR2,640 billion, as compared with INR1,773 billion in July 2020, registering a growth of 49%.  Among textiles, commodities/commodity groups which have recorded positive growth during July 2021 against July 2020 were man-made yarn/fabrics/made-ups etc. (59%), cotton yarn/fabrics/made-ups, hand-loom products etc. (48%), handicrafts excl. handmade carpet (33%), RMG of all textiles (31%), carpet (26%), jute mfg. including floor covering (22%).

Courtesy: Textile Beacon Fibre to Yarn Export Statistics: India