There are a lot of key statements and announcements made for raising the outlays of the cooperative sector. Taxes for the cooperative sector were relieved. The allocation given was Rs. 1,149.38 crore for the fiscal year 2023-2024. This year’s rate was higher in comparison to previous year’s rate of Rs. 900 crore. The current year’s rate is lower to the rate of Rs.1624.74 crore FY2021-22.

According to the home minister, Amit Shah, the decisions made for the cooperation sector was “unprecedented” and also a decision;” with the plan of setting up the world’s largest decentralized storage capacity, farmers associated with cooperative socities will also establish, primary fisheries socities and dairy cooperative socities in every Panchayat”

Recently, Amit Shah was seen welcoming the announcement with sugar cooperatives where the facility to show and see the payments were given to the farmers before FY 216-2017 in the expenditure”