According to the spokesman, Gautam Buddha Nagar and Varanasi would also be housed in the facility.

The Uttar Pradesh government has already assessed the large textile park’s water accessibility and solid waste management. He mentioned the region’s abundant water supplies and the waste-to-energy facility in Shivri Village, which is near to Mohan Road.

A new textile park would be built in Salem at a cost of 880 crore in addition to this. Next, construction on the 1,052 acre giant textile park, which will cost $1,800 crore and have the capacity to employ two lakh people, will start. Moreover, ten tiny handloom parks are planned.

S Krishnan, assistant chief secretary for industries for the Tamil Nadu government, responded to inquiries with the following statement: on developing the land and infrastructure needed to support various industrial sectors. With the purpose of creating more employment prospects in the state, we are looking for labor-intensive manufacturing facilities.