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Product Quality Is The Key For Boosting Exports-Goyal

Published: March 10, 2023

The Minister emphasised to the sector that quality needs to get special attention. “The moment has come for our quality to lead the globe. This is what customers in India and around the world want. The days of releasing two distinct sorts of quality—domestic quality and export quality—are behind us. Soon, 2,000 items will be subject to quality inspection. Stop utilising things of poor quality, please. We must expand and concentrate on quality.

The industry was tasked by the minister with advising the government on which goods would require the issuance of Quality Control Orders. “We will obtain products of the proper quality if you actively participate in consultations. In addition, this should not cause an unjustified cost increase. We must develop higher quality standards. Please let us know if there are any damages to the domestic industry; we support you. The Minister congratulated the recipients and said that the award was merely a token of appreciation for everything that they had done to serve the country.

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