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‘Vocal for Local ’

Published: September 29, 2020

‘Vocal for Local’ by the term itself we can understand that it is something related to upliftment. There are many brands all over India which don’t get much reorganization. The government of India has suggested all the brands in India to follow the ‘Make in India’ which will promote the manufacturing and supply chain.

It is basically a campaign that is done to make the local companies global, and to increase demand for locally manufactured goods. This campaign has helped many companies across India to reach wider audience. Experts say brands would now want to talk proudly about their local nature and even communicate to people by caring a ‘Made in India’ logo.

Main things the brands should focus is on finding the right digital team as it is very important, brand localization is where the brand should have exact strategy that focus on local branding and getting genuine response from people. Each brand should understand their demographics, who is their target audience their income and should have a complete analysis of the consumers. By adapting to preferences it will help each brand have a unique identity. Language is another important thing to be looked upon in India, Price is very important for Indian consumers.

India’s Prime Minister Nerandra Modi is pursuing this campaign and almost all the brands are ready to join this by having a local theme. According to some experts, the vocal for local campaign will change how the brands will use digital marketing to communicate and establish themselves in India and also o from local to global. As it is a digital marketing method it is a very cost effective and thus it will help all the local brands to reach a bigger audience. This is to achieve the goal of ‘Atma nirbhar bharath’ [self reliant India].

Many companies came up with postures, quotes and videos supporting the campaign.

One such brand Kamdhanu Paints launched a new social media campaign to amplify PM Modi’s message of being ‘Vocal for local’ the campaign ‘Be Indian By Indian’ encourage all Indians to buy made in India’s products.

It will also encourage people to look for made in India tags like the way they look MRP and manufacturing date.

On May 12th announcing rs 2 lakh crore Atma Nirbhar package in an address to the nation, Prime Minister Modi has said “Friends, the corona crisis has also explained to us the importance of local manufacturing, local markets and local supply chain. In times of crisis, this local has fulfilled our demand, this local has saves us, local is not just the need, it is our responsibility also”.


Vocal for Local is a big campaign which is helping many brands and companies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has helped many companies by introducing this campaign. This campaign should be given more attention and support as it focuses on making our India self reliant.


By Navneeta .M.S

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