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Textile Exporter Writes The Book On Trade Fairs

Published: May 8, 2020

Mr. Alok Gupta, an exporter of textiles from Mumbai has written a book “Fair Practices” on the trade of Trade Fairs. It is a unique book, written after his in-depth research and vast experience of two decades on the subject.

The book “Fair Practices” is a complete guide to participating in Trade Fairs. It gives the readers a complete insight into the trade of Trade Fairs. It explains systematically as to what a trade fair is and as to how one can effectively participate in it.

The book is divided into various easy to follow sections which systematically explain the readers the tricks and trades of participating in Trade Fairs worldwide. The methodical approach and detailed analysis makes the book a must for all those who are connected with Trade Fair industry in some or the other way.

The book, title of which is a pun on the word FAIR, is actually a guide to participating in trade fairs worldwide. The book explains methodically as to what one should do before, during and after participating in any trade fair. Explanation of the subject through tables and charts makes the book simple to read and easy to understand. The book is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter explains as to what a trade fair is and goes on to explain as to how the participation in any trade fair can be effective, designing of the stands at any trade fair, planning and budgeting, visitor analysis etc. through rest of the chapters in the book. The book elaborates as to how one fair is different from the other and as to how one should prepare and participate in a trade fair. The book primarily, has been written for the benefit of those who participate in trade fairs as exhibitors but, it briefly also covers some points from the organizers point of view. It is a book which is also helpful for event managers and retailers. The chapter written on attracting the visitors and on preparing for the fairs are useful for the event managers too. Similarly, the chapters on designing a trade fair stand, attracting visitors, promoting the products at a trade fair are very useful for retailers too, especially those managing SBOs ( Single Brand Outlets ). The chapter on post fair analysis and data processing is useful for all those who receive business visitors and customers either at their office or at any trade event.

The book fills the long-lasted void in this academic section.

The idea of the book took birth when Alok Gupta, the author of the book participated in a trade fair for the first time and became more and more firm with his participation in every other fair thereafter. He then started recording, writing, analysing and researching on every aspect of a trade fair. Alok Gupta has spent over two decades in active marketing and has travelled extensively to more than 50 countries around the world in connection with business being part of various trade delegations, trade events and as the marketing head. He has been advising companies on setting up their marketing and export and on investing in Indian real estate. He is also a philanthropist and a social activist.

Owing to the contents of the book and its high-quality printing, the book has reasonably been priced at Rs. 295.00. Members desirous of buying the book may send an email on [email protected]

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