In India more than 5 lakhs degree Engineers and almost equal numbers of Diploma students are being produced in each year. As per NASSCOM, 75%   of them are unemployable because of poor exposure, poor technical background. Apathy towards learning, to undergo training and not willing to work hard are the main causes of the same. They dream very high but because of lack in energy, not willing to learn are the main causes of not getting proper employment and not getting the dreams fulfilled and hence get frustrated. This paper has discussed in detail   of the above facts.


Now a days there is a general tendency among the fresh Engineers to get the lucrative jobs in good post with extremely high salaries and that too in Brand name organisations to show his social status. This thinking process starts from the 1st year of admission itself but starts aggravating from the 4th Semester onwards and such tendency mostly found among the 3rd and 4th grade Engineering Colleges. The causes are obvious!

The dreaming or high expectations are not a crime but to fulfil the dream , it requires perseverance , broad outlook, very good G.K. knowledge about the Industries and surroundings , hard working , willing to work at any stage , place ( today they’re very much choosy about the place of work) , ready to undergo at least 2-3 In plant trainings , industrial visits etc.

The Author served as a T&P Officer in two Engineering Colleges and experienced that even the colleges arrange for the Campus Interviews, the first question asked by the final year students

(i)what would be the salaries?

(ii) Which company? (if not Branded or not known to them, they twist their nose and show reluctance to face the Interviews. Later, they say that the colleges are not arranging their jobs

(iii) Which place? (if in remote places they take low interest especially the female students

(iv) Which department? (most of them are not willing to work in Shifts and in Production)

(v) Working Hours? (today so many organisations are offering 12 hours duty which is not accepted by most of the students).

(vi) Whether accommodation will be provided? (In remote places some Organisation provide free bachelor accommodation, some on chargeable basis)

The branded companies select candidates with high % of marks without any ATKT, conduct Mental ability test, Aptitude Test, Written Test, etc where maximum students are eliminated at Primary stage itself. Later, they blame college that they were not informed /trained properly.

The author tried his best for the In-Plant training w.e.f. 4th Semester itself but most of the students raised those questions and showed reluctant if it is not Branded industries or known to them. They very often ask whether the Organisation will pay them Stipend or free accommodation with food?  Most of them are having the attitude as if they are obliging the Organisation by undergoing Training! Although some organisations offer tea, free or subsided lunch but they never express gravitates to them. One Branded Organisation at Tarapore provided free food, lodging, transportation for 15 days of In plant training to 6 female students but they could not even prepare a full report! Never expressed their gratitude to that organisation!

So many students are having the bad habit of leaving the training before the completion of the terms!

However, most of the students from grade 1 engineering Colleges are found to be more studious and sincere. Most of them are found to be interested in industrial visits and In -plant trainings. They are good in communication too.

The Author has shown the case studies below of some students about their ignorance about the leading Industries and has pointed out that they are least bothered the trainings although it is mandatory now!  They hardly show interest in learning new things.

Case no 1.  

Few days before , I received a mail from one Mr.Rajabhai ( identity hidden) that his daughter Ms. Arti (identity hidden) is studying MTech in a Textile college of Maharashtra and Mr.Rajabhai wants her Internship in Merchandising in any  Reputed Branded Textile Mills for 6 months.  I never knew Mr.  Rajabhai nor her daughter but took pity and arranged Internship at Siyaram Silk Mills. She needed to take training at both Plant at Tarapore as well as in Corporate Office, Mumbai.  Siyaram Silk Mills are one of the best manufacturers of Suiting & Shirting fabrics and a quality Producer too. There were lots of scopes for Ms. Arti if she would had opted the Training at Siyaram Silk Mills.

I replied to Mr.Rajabhai that the Internship of his daughter is arranged at Siyaram Silk Mills , Mumbai/ Tarapore and please tell Ms.Arti to talk to me directly so that I can understand her needs and can guide her properly. The father replied “Arti is now too busy with her coming examination and she will talk to me only after the exam is over”. I came to know that the exam was till late by one month and I wondered whether a student is too busy before one month of the exam that she could not speak even for 10 mts? Does she at all taking lunch/ dinner for the Exam preparation?

I went to that college where I was a Faculty and met Ms.Arti  . I told her the details and she was totally surprised that her father was trying for her internship! I told Ms. Arti whether she was interested in doing Internship in Siyaram as I could arrange. She showed totally ignorant about Siyaram Silk Mills and refused!! She told me that she was interested in some big and Branded name company so that she could get a good Job too. All upset me and surprised to find her poorest knowledge about the leading Textile Mills. I told her to mention the name of at least 5 companies to whom she categorizes as Branded. Needless to mention that she could not tell anything except Reliance and Raymonds.  That was the poor knowledge of a M.Tech Student and I advised her to see about Siyaram in Net and gain knowledge. However, I told her father not to disturb any more. Ms.Arti lost a very good chance because of her poor knowledge about the industries.

Case no 2.

The 3rd year Textile students of one Engg. College came to me where I was the T&P Officer that they wanted In- plant Training. I welcome it seeing their interest.  I asked them about their choice of the place, location, and which type of the Industries! Now a days they are very choosy about all the points. They want to be trained only in the Branded name organizations like Reliance, Raymond etc.  I suggested them that in Polyester manufacturing sectors Bhilosa is a good leader and I could try for them! They asked Bhilosa? Bhilosa? Where it is? I told them the details about that one of the largest Polyester Manufacturer i.e.Bhilosa  but they refused as they never heard of it!!

Case no 3: Choice:   Similarly, I have seen that most of the students are unaware of their Industries, locations, type of Product nor aware of their growth and Market share. It is a general tendency among them to accept the job only in that Organization which is Branded and good pay master. It is fact that the branded Companies like Raymonds, Kusumgar, Trident, Vardhman, Wellspun, AYM Syntex, Reliance , Arvind , Sutlej , K P R Mill Ltd, Bombay Dyeing, Grasim , Fabindia , JCT , Laksmi Textiles, Bombay Rayon, Jindal, Siyaram , RSWM, Banswara , Donear, Mafatlal, DDecor, and so many others Pay moderate to good but their selection procedures are very systematic and scientific . One must have sufficient exposure on their Products and Market share.  The students must appear for the Mental ability Test, written exams, group discussions and vivo. It is tested their G.K. especially about the Textile Industries and their market situation, product range, latest Machineries, about Textile -4 etc.

The other Branded companies with good pays and with very nice interviews and selection procedures are Indo Rama, Bhilosa, Sanathan, JBF, Supreme Non-woven, Alok ( now taken by RIL) , Garware , Indo count, Himatsingka, Filatex, Ambika Cotton, Century Enka , zodiac, Ruby , Orbit Export, gokuldas Export , Nahar group, Nandan Denim, Pasupati, VTM, VHM , Ginni Filaments , KG Denim, Damodar Industries, Dinesh , Garden , Wellknown , Morarjee Mills, Gini Silk mills, Digjam, Swadeshi Polytex, Arvee Denim, PBM Polytex, Mohota Mills,  Pee vee Textiles , Nagarika Export, GTN Industries, Soma Textile, Surya Laxmi , Aditya Spinners, Oswal Industries, Creative Garments, Jayashree, Gimatex, Ginza, Shahi Export, Subhalaksmi, DNH Polyester, ETCO , NTC Mills etc.etc.

One thing is to keep in mind that the better scope of learnings is in the smaller sectors than that of Branded Organised sectors. In these Branded Organised Sectors, the people do not work but the systems work. Right from loading, operation, unloading, material handlings, to despatch, the systems work as everything is automatic and planned. The whole Plant is managed by the limited manpower. Hence there is less chance of learning minute things as they are mostly solved by the trained workforce. More you face the challenges, more you learn.  But this logic is not accepted by most of the students as they target a thick pay packet.

Case 4.  Connections to the Industries:    These are not the last but there are thousands of other Textile Mills Whose details  are available through internet, Through alumni, industrial Experts visiting your colleges, Taking personal interest, Campus Interview, industry visits, In plant trainings etc.  The students must avail all such facilities. But efforts are not taken by them.

Case no 5.1.  Poor knowledge of the Freshers: One of my friends, then CEO of one Cotton Spinning Mills at Maharashtra was taking round at Mid night and found that the Ring Frame department was in total mesh!! The Shift Engineer was a fresher from a local textile college joined 4 months before who was knowing nothing about the working policy of the Department. He was even unaware of the Types of Ring frame having in the Mills (there were LMM) nor about any details of the Spinning machines. From that local college 4 fresh B.Tech ( Textile ) were selected and he was one of them. The CEO fired him left & right for his callous attitude and negligence and that fellow left the mills at that night itself!

Case no 5.2: Poor knowledge: One day I was returning from Duties at 9 pm at Silvassa and found that one young fellow was following me. When I asked him, he told me that he knew me very well as he was from a Polytechnic college where I deliver lectures sometimes. He told me that he needs a change in job as he is newly married. He was having 5 years of experiences in Sulzer looms at a renowned local industry where he was working in shift. I asked him what was his present salaries which was quite OK as per the Industry standard. I asked him about the number of looms, and it was 40. I asked him the following questions

(i) How many suiting (double width) and how many triple width (shirting) are working?

(ii) What were the speed of the looms?

(iii) What was the avg reed/ Pick and warp & weft count?

(iv) What was the maximum reed space utilisation?

(v) What was the production per day and efficiency %

(vi) What was the rejection %?

(vii) What is the maintenance schedule? (viii) What is the beam length? It is needless to mention that out of 8 questions, he could reply none!!

Then I told him to meet me after 7 days with all the answers ready and I will try for his job. He never meets me again!

Case no 6: Why it happens?

  • Nothing is taken seriously for such students who only criticise the managements, Bosses, and show dissatisfaction over salaries where sky is the limit.
  • The Industrial visits are arranged with all the pre trainings and guidance what are to be observed, to be noted, but in most of the cases , the students complete the Whole Mills visit within 10-15 mts and rest of the time get busy with chatting and selfie .
  • During In Plant training (which are 15 days to 30 days), they don`t note, nor study, nor question anything to the Floor level Supervisors, although every pre guidance are given in written. Those who follow, become the masters.
  • Most of the students try to hush up and try to leave earlier during In plant and Industry Visits.
  • Sincerity, devotion, follow the guidance of the teachers are the right way to come up.

Case no 7: What the Industries Expect from the Fresh Technical Graduates? What are the steps to become a successful Engineer?  (general advice to the freshers)

  • Hard working: Be strict to your works; be ready to work even more than your stipulated time. Your hard and sincere work will motivate your juniors. Work systemically and scientifically. Be a good planner that how to organise the workloads as per the importance of the works assigned to you and to complete them within stipulated frame works.
  • Result Oriented: Industry expects that the Engineer will design, plan, and execute the works in such a manner that the output will be higher. The superior will be guided but each & every aspect and subject cannot be dictated. The Engineer must have the self-planning method by which the results become positive. There should be self-motivation.
  • Good analytical sense: For every work, for any good and bad, negative, or positive, ask yourself “why”? A man can be a successful Engineer when he can solve the problems, and all depends upon his analytical sense.  Sometimes it requires deep analysis and thoughts where guidance can be sought from experts or seniors. But one must have sufficient internal thought process, in depth analytical power, willing to know “why” will make him a successful Engineer.
  • He should be a good thinker: “Think” is the right thinking. More you think about, more you go into the details; more you can unearth the puzzles. To analyse anything, one must be a good thinker. All the great scientists and people are well thinkers.  The persons, who cannot think, commit mistake very often.
  • He should be a good planner: A proper planner can solve the problems, can complete the jobs in stipulated time and hence save the time. A bad workman quarrels with his tools. The Engineers should not only plan but to see how best the jobs can be distributed among his team mates so that the jobs get completed in accordance with the specifications.
  • Knowledge: Any Engineer must have enough knowledge in the department where he is working. Knowledge is the strength. Strength is the knowledge. Without proper knowledge he will be considered as dump technologists. He will be unable to control his juniors. Will be unable to give quality and production. This knowledge they must acquire right from 1st Not only Technical and bookish knowledge but also general knowledge, other relevant knowledges will help boosting up his career.
  • Attitude: Every work man must have positive attitude towards everything. “Yes, I will do” is liked by all superiors. “This is not my work, which is not my work” will create only confusion. Never say “No” to anything.  Slackness, avoiding responsibilities, forgetting of jobs, passing the bucks will not help in establishing the career. One has to remember that work is worship. Not to expect any award/reward every now & then for any work you have performed.  Think that it is your responsibilities.
  • Honesty: Honesty is the best policy. Be honest even you lose, but in long run you will be benefited.  For any fault accept the mistake. Try to rectify it. Honesty and sincerity will always pay you. Do not lie for not performing but confess it truly. Your superiors and juniors will trust you, will have faith on you. Sometimes one may escape by manipulating, but in long run you are inviting more dangers.
  • Interpersonal Relationship: While working in the Industries one must come across several colleagues of different categories and departments. To maintain relationship is must for better work culture, better output, and performances. On several occasions one has to meet others for several feedback and data. Relationship will bring your happiness. It wills easy your workload. Avoid criticism. Don`t be a fault finder. To err is human.
  • Be a good listener: Listen more, speak less should be the motto. A good listener is always a good gainer. To make the practice to listen from all and to implement the suggestions what best one can do. Not to argue with anyone but to listen and then to convince if you can. If you can`t convince even though you are not at fault, not to be frustrated. In long run the truth will come out.
  • To keep patience: During working, must have the patience to get the result, not to lose temperament also. Some matters take its own time and keep patience is the best solution.
  • Discipline: Everyone must work with discipline. To maintain order, to organise the force, discipline is must. Not to indulge in chatting or violent anywhere are taken as unlawful. Even chewing tobacco, smoking, spitting, littering is taken as breach of law.
  • Punctuality: Every officer, Engineer or any employee must follow punctuality. Frequent late comer or early goers, remaining absent in works are treated as bad habit. One must follow a good habit to come up as a perfect professional. This habit must me formed right from the school’s days. Juniors will follow a disciplined officer who shows the way.
  • Be an able administrator: Once an Engineer takes the charge of a shift or department, he must be good leader. A good leadership quality can be achieved with proper personality, a “determined man”, a man with knowledge, hardworking, analytical abilities who can guide the colleagues and juniors. He himself must acquire sound knowledge regarding the function of his related works. He should be a problem-solving man than to play blame game. He must be a good judge of all works and a perfect administrator. His clarity and transparency while dealing juniors will be liked by all. People will obey him, love him. All these capacities are to be acquired by self-thought, by attending classes, by mixing in good companies, by listening from others, by knowledge sharing, and to some extent as educated by parents and teachers.

Conclusions (1) The Author has tried to point out the lacunas among the students especially in the B&C Grade colleges although they dream extremely high.

(2) Those students mostly learn the things after joining the Industries and repent if lagging in building career.

(3) Because of the poor exposure, some students are unable to learn even after joining the Industries and even after working for several years.

(4) The Industries today expect the hard-working young people with proper analytical approach, abilities to solve the problems. But many of them show extremely poor performances because of their poor knowledge and IQ. Hence, they get frustrated very soon.

(5) Now the time has come for the Alumni of the concerned institutions to visit their respective Colleges and make the present students more alert, active and to create awareness for their better future.