1- Mr. Vinod Chotani, MD of Sudha Mills India Pvt. Ltd.

GST is new buzz word for India but in the world it is following from many years. GST is efficient Tax system where different substitute taxes demolishes and only one single TAX is imposed that is Goods & Service Tax. GST will make our system more transparent and strengthen our economy. In the system of this tax, Our PM Mr. Narendra Modi had given assurance of getting the input credit money within 7 to 10 days.

2- Mr. Shiv Kanodia, Ex- Hon General Secretary, Bharat Merchant Chamber

GST is something new, as a association GST has a diversified view. Every Association has their different point of view. Textile Industry is very complex as far as its diversity is concern. So some people are against GST as we Indian not adopt change easily, but it’s gradually effective in future. GST close down Multi Window Taxation, it must came much before. Textile Industry needs to be organized and adopt changes which ultimate outcome is our nation progress is our progress.

3- Mr. Manish Kumar, MD of Shree Mahavir Textiles

GST is good but there are some drawbacks of GST, like we deliver goods with imposed GST and if goods returned after 4 or 6 months then what will be the situation? Government bluntly says that if no GST no business. We are assuming that in next 2 year there will be no profit, it will be lot of downfall due to GST, and it may bring recession in India. New changes are good but not implementation. Through GST government want to digitalize everything. 50% of the traders doesn’t know English, Computer, how one can clear the blotted picture of GST? Before implementing GST government need to educate traders about it.

4- Mr. Narendra Mehta, MD of D.S. Textiles, Treasurer of SMSMA

GST, the new tax system which may be complicated it seems because most of the SME traders with sole Proprietorship are illiterate they don’t even know how to fill cheque, how they will do E transaction?  First Government had to literate people regarding GST because Textile trader never pay service tax they pay only Octroi. So GST is new and its very difficult days as demonetization. As association we are trying to make trader aware by circulate pamphlets of GST number registration. There are lots of clauses in GST which is still not very clear.