‘Vraj:bhoomi’ — a concept-clothing label, working with regional artisans in India to transform traditional hand block printing skills for creating ethical fashion.

Ajrakh is a double-sided block printing textile tradition with distinctive symmetrical geometric or floral motifs. The two predominant colors seen in Ajrakh prints are indigo blue and deep red, although with modernization, people are experimenting with newer colors. Ajrakh is an environmental-friendly textile where the cloth is resist-dyed using natural dyes. The word Ajrakh probably has its origins in the Arabic word ‘Azrak‘ which means the blue of the sky. The early versions of this fabric printing only used indigo and hence had predominantly blue designs. But then other colloquial stories tell you that the word probably comes from the Kutchi expression “aaj rakh” meaning “keep it aside today”. This apocryphal story probably has its origins in the long tedious steps involved in Ajrakh block printing.

Bhoomi Dani & Priyam Shah have been working closely with the craftsmen of Ajrakhpur in Kutch to revive this regional art and take it to a global audience.

Vraj:Bhoomi is Inspired by Colours of Krishna and Crafts of Kutch - Center  for Soft Power

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At Vraj:bhoomi, every collection is focused on reinterpreting the age – old technique of hand block printing called Ajrakh. Instead of relying on forecasts, the label has stayed true to its traditional colour palette – the shades and tones of these natural dyes are extensively dependent on their surroundings, and thus, the resulting designs are highly unpredictable, which make the garments even more unique and covetable. Being a textile centric label, they are intensely involved in researching, reviving and sustaining the inherent quality of traditional Indian crafts.

Vraj:bhoomi has its own unique repertoire of motifs and print art works. The label is a 100 per cent ‘cotton only’ label and the fabric/ textile that are used, are never outsourced. The cotton-based fabric is supplied by their craftsmen on which they then print their in-house unique block designs in different colorways – depending upon the theme for the season. The base fabric and the natural dye ingredients are sourced from the label’s own craftsmen based in Kutch. Their entire product, except the stitching, is also made in Kutch.

Buy Earth Song Vraj:Bhoomi One-of-a-kind ajrakh prints and pretty tassels  on natural-dyed cotton sarees Online at Jaypore.comThe Indian fashion label Vraj:bhoomi showed their collection, “the Revival Edit”, at Ambara on October 14 and unveiled their new focus, traditional Ajrakh textiles. Inspired by Turkish tiles, Vraj:bhoomi’s latest collection is based on its use of the traditional Indian Ajrakh textile. The brand is following a trend seen with many Indian designers of a shift of focus towards sustainable, hand woven textiles that have a rich, Indian heritage. In their collection, they have experimented with a new colour base in the craft to introduce shades such as wine ensuring that it complements the block prints. One does not usually come across shades of wine in an Ajrakh print.

Vraj:bhoomi specialises in womenswear, comprising an artistic mix of tops, overlays, kaftans, dresses, tunics, kurtas, sarees, scarves and dupattas. To complement the mix further, the label also provides women’s footwear including styles such as brogues, loafers and slip-ons. Keeping in mind the needs of the avid shopper of today, Vraj:bhoomi also carries out a collection of assorted handmade sustainable gifts such as bags, cushion covers, diaries, bangles, textile jewellery, bow ties, bag charms, buntings, hangers, among other such products. The brand has also recently ventured into the world of menswear by introducing a limited edition collection of men’s shirts.

Ajrakh Loafers by VrajBhoomi.in #MadeInIndia – Naina.coTBP X Vraj:bhoomi — The Burlap People