These are un precedented times. Never has it happened that for two weeks or so you will be in your home. The steps taken by government are welcome but for most of the individuals who are used to a 9 to 5 job, this is a new experience. Even the celebrities are finding it as difficult times. They can’t flaunt going to gyms and get followed by photographers. They have time and money but can’t go to London, New York and Paris for weekends. No movie premieres, no gossip columns, no nothing. Entire population is at home 24 x 7.

This is a rare occasion where even you can’t go outside and play any game or even have a brisk walk. There are chances as suggested by a few Whatsapp jokes that there is an increase in the number of fights between husbands and their wives. So, before the situation goes out of hands here are a few things which might keep you productively busy for the next 15 days or so.


Yes, the name seems familiar and you never had time for it. So now you have 2 weeks to cleanse the clutter which might be in your house. Do clean up and organize stuff as per requirement.

Indoor games:

In the era of Xbox and PS4, the carrom and chess boards are lying in the attic. Now is a good time to bring them out and play with your family.


You might have paid that hefty yearly fees of the Gold gym in your area but you rarely go there. Now is a good time to do exercises from your home. You could join an online Yoga class or learn a new martial arts skill. Remember your body was used to the activities of going to office and other movements of body parts related. Now at home the body needs movements or it might result in some other medical issue later. So, it is very important to keep your self busy in the house too.


This would be the one activity already being done by most of the people without any advice. Netflix, Prime, Hotstar and other such apps will be fully loaded during this period. If you are not having them now you could download and watch some of the best international entertainment.


Its like back to the school days and you could take advantages by reading either old novels or some online books. One more option today is listening to audio books. Yes there are quite a few sites from which you could just listen to your favorite novel or book.

Master Chef:

You always felt you were a good cook but never got the time to show off your culinary skills. Well, bring out that apron and take over the kitchen. Make some delicacies for the family and make them happy. If not, you could make a few sandwiches, pasta, burger etc for your kids.


One of the most important things you could do is connect with people. There might have been relatives, friends, acquaintances with whom you might have not spoken in a long time. This is a perfect time to talk to them and bond again of talking about the good ole times.

In this modern era of video conferencing you can even have an online party of all families from various cities connected via Skype.


Bring out the author or the poet or the blogger in you and write down some thing. The classic case is I am utilizing my time right now writing down this article. Write a short story, cover an issue which was bothering you, pen a few lines for your spouse and make her/him happy.


You might have or you might not. But now could be a perfect time to have personal or business goals. Surely the coming times are not going to be good for most companies. The lockdown is going to affect budgets of all companies in the next financial year. The uncertainties in the share market can never be predicted. But based on your experience you can make a strategy to combat the tough time ahead. Company HR and Heads can have online competitions of employees contributing to the future. Individuals can set or rather re-set their own personal goals.


Lastly this is the best time to be with your family members and talk to them (instead of Whatsapp messaging which most of us do). Connect with your kids and try to be like them. Bring out the child in you and surprise them. If staying with parents have a session of talking with them of old times and make your kids listen.

Let’s rise to the occasion and comply to our duties as expected by the government.Make staying indoors fun and contribute to the society by maintaining the social distance. If you have any other ideas. Please do share with others.

Happy Lockdown.

Rajesh Padalkar