Based at New Delhi is an established Textile consultancy enterprise of 30 years standing for providing Textile projects consultancy, project implementation support and running textile Mill operations. NUOVATEX is a Textile sector services provider, specialised technical and projects consultancy for planning of new greenfield textile projects, especially Geo textiles/geo sunthetics including.REGEN FIBER PROJECTS,YARN SPINNING AND FABRIC MILLS, WEAVING UNITS FOR DENIM/ TOWELS/ HOME TEXTILES, TECHNICAL TEXTILES, NONWOVENS & KNITTING UNITS FOR OPENWIDTH /TUBULAR KNIFABRICS, and esp. under the ongoing TUF scheme,and special Textile policy of various States,like Maharasthra,MP,Uttarakhand,others. NPC is empanelled with the Office of Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles, Govt.of India,and with ILFS India Cluster Initiatives.

NPC has a sound networking with the core Textile industry and is actively engaged in sourcing and selling of Knitfabrics, yarns, Denims,Towels ,garments and Technical Textiles for facilitating production Orders for buyers. NPC is also working in Operational areas of working Textile mills for providing advisory services of improving Mill operations e.g., productivity, yields and costing, modernisation, quality and mill efficiency in terms of yield and recovery. In terms of infrastructure support to the Textile sector, NPC is advising on planning and implementation of TEXTILE PARKS, with special focus o n the recently launched State notified 150 Acre Textile Park for Uttarakhand/ Sidcul  at Sitarganj near to Rudrapur  area.

NPC `s skill sets and knowledge domain covers all segments of Textile manufacturing supply chain from Fiber to makeup & garments., and including Yarn spinning, weaving, Knitting , Fabric processing/finishing ,Yarn dyeing, Home textile and terry Towel,Denim products and wovens & knits, Garment sectors; and the emerging areas of Nonwovens and technical textiles and value added production of regen PSF fiber from recycled Pet bottles.In the current scenario, however, the special expertise areas are for Spinning of value-added yarns, Weaving/processing of Denim and Towel projects,valued added Fabric & Yarn processing, Technical textiles and regen PSF fiber units and integrated Knitting to knit garments. NPC is proactive in new areas of Technical textiles and Non woven technology of Needlepunched /Geotextiles/Melt blown/SMS/SMMS,and supports  such projects under the TMTT scheme of Tex Comm/MOT.