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Nona Source Launches A Ambassador Programme

Published: February 18, 2023

Nona Source, the luxury resale portal offers deadstock fabrics and leathers from leading brands for reuse by fashion and design specialists and has started an ambassador programme to help emerging designers.

Four ambassadors have been named by the platform, which grew out of LVMH’s DARE intrapreneurial initiative, and “The Mindful Creatives Collective” has been created to highlight the usage of deadstock materials.

The first ambassadors were picked because, according to Nona Source in the statement, they reflect the “ideal mix between innovation, creativity, and craft.” During the course of the following year, they will make use of the site to “renew their creativity and get inspired by their deadstock textiles to conceive some of the most invigorating and low-impact designs within their collections.

Cecilie Bahnsen of is one of the designers working on the project.

Both Karoline Vitto of Brazil, who now resides in London and is a finalist for the 2017 LVMH Prize, and Denmark, who works with Nona Source to repurpose materials that would otherwise be wasted, consider using deadstock materials in design as a method to combine sustainability and inclusion.

The other two designers are Nensi Dojaka, the 2021 LVMH Prize winner, and Victor Weinsanto, a young designer known for his “Queer” aesthetic. Victor Weinsanto incorporates deadstock materials into his designs to give them a more contemporary and environmentally conscious feel.

Dojaka noted that he could imagine fashions that show his own aesthetic, in which exposed seams, sheer and matte contrasts, and fine straps create a graphic play on the body, by getting textiles from Nona Source.

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