Plastic is supposed to be a curse for the Globe. We were unable to imagine as to how to carry things without LD/LLD carry bags and people do not want to pay money for these FREE bags. We need almost everything for free even at any cost, let the environment go to hell because we are not taught this basic culture in Schools that we owe anything to the Nation, all expect everything from the Nation for almost free!

And still plastic only came to the rescue. In another way.Polypropylene carry bags.

Recent History:

In INDIA there is hardly any leader and all slip into the footsteps of followers and so when the non-woven fabric started being manufactured in INDIA, almost all of them started making rolls for bags, all could see only one application of Carry bags only.   The country was not a matured market for the carry bags, the LD/LLD bags were not forced out still, courtesy the GREEDY manufactures, hands in glove business doers-Government officers and “everything for free seeking” end users. And so, who rushed in to making spun bonded non-woven were getting chocked up among competition, some died premature death.

Applications were many in fact which the ‘followers’ could not visualize.

A few to name were as below.

And believe us, the above are limited applications still.

In fact for Vehicle covers, for medical applications, for the hospital curtains, for disposable pillow covers and many more like those could offer lot of money to the manufacturers and converters but an average investor and so-called entrepreneur [ who usually are and were four to five partners got together with 1 Cr. capital each ]  to start such Rush business, following each other without application of brain, spoiled not only the market but application/s  itself for the nice product.

The time changed again. The demand appeared again and in our country, no politician has enough brain  [ not they have enough education from ground level nor even enough patriotism to understand either] to understand the need to grow more cotton that can be sufficient enough for our cloths, curtains, bed-sheets, carry bags et-cetera and so we shall have to keep on manufacturing option and shall have to keep on using plastic which is ‘THE ONLY OPTION’.

Paper did not prove as an option for scarcity of Wood.

And so polypropylene spun bonded Non-woven proved a ideal option which can continue for some more time.


  • It is durable
  • Re-cyclable
  • Easy to make and re-cycle
  • Needing lesser energy to make and re-cycle
  • Availability is not an issue
  • Can offer thousands of applications, colors, thicknesses …. And so on.

The limitation is:

RIL, HPL, HPCL (HMEL) and IOCL – are the major producers of Polypropylene in India. Ø ONGC (OPaL), MRPL and BCPL (Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Ltd) are expected to join this elite club when their petrochemical (PP) plants are completed.

However, this Technical textile as defined by Central Government of INDIA, Ministry of textiles, can prove a nice blessing sine it has given us a material which is like Cloth (Most feel that that Polypropylene Spun bonded Non-woven is Cloth like cotton.  Textiles in INDIA is supposed to be Natural cloth or artificial textile like people in SURAT make but most are unaware that it is also PLASTIC!

And so, it is blessing.


  • some people hate plastic by heart. [and when they come to know that what they use is plastic, they may not like it]
  • Some take it as cheaper Cloth!
  • Not like cotton bag which you must keep on using time and again for it is highly durable and so you get something new at almost free. [ most carry nags in INDIA are for free- courtesy bags]
  • Even they do not mind throwing it as it is free.

Apart from all the above this form of Technical textile is a new and best business opportunity.  Let us look at it here below.

In fact, there are huge opportunities on business front with the following one plant that can make many kinds of technical textiles.

This is SMMSSS plant though shown but One can go in for SMS non-woven fabric making line which woill offer them all the following variants:

S = Spun bonded non-woven fabric making, the applications o which are as mentioned in this article.

SS = Double Spun bonded composite material which also has equally higher number of applications for the stronger fabric.

SMS =   Spun bonded + Melt Blown + Spun bonded material Which is three layered composite non-woven material which is Hydrophobic [Water hating] cannot allow water / liquids to pas through unless at very high jet pressure.

Applications of SMS:    This is stronger three-layered fabric medium

Many sorts of medical applications like Doctor’s Surgical gowns & head covers, Scooter and car covers [ SMS avoid much of Dust and dirt] baby nappies, nappies and towels for elderly people, ladies’ hygienic towels, ladies slip towels, protective masks and show covers.

In the Developed countries, for medical and hygiene applications, SMS non-woven technical textile is in high demand, make them in HIGH QUALITY in INDIA And can make millions.   CHINA Exports a lot of the world.

M = Melt blown: This is actually sprayed polypropylene plastic. Mostly for many filters this is the medium.  It has the barrier behavior against fluids combined with breathability

Applications:  Filter medium layered between supporting layers, Vacuum cleaner bag, Acoustical insulating web, high sorption efficiency of melt-blown is used in making disposable diapers, sanitary napkins and other feminine hygiene products, used  also for apparels, it is also capable to produce drug-loaded fibers for controlled drug delivery.

SM = Spun bonded with Melt blown

Most important aspect of this article is, China Exports millions of tons of Melt blown and SMS material to American and European countries. Here lies the business opportunity.

Please note:

  • Get the highest possible quality line from China.
  • Ensure Guarantee / warranty terms
  • Ensure after sales services

Invest about 10 Cr in the plant of high quality and start making all the above material.

Additionally, can go in for a Hydrophilic machine which applies Hydrophilic material on to normal Spun bonded material and can be used as Water loving material which is then used for Sanitary and napkin making fabric which needs to absorb liquid and still stay string.  This is additional opportunity.

And benefits of Subsidy on Investment in Technical textiles. Plus Interest subsidy.

Have a look at the following data:

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